Steve Dunleavy one of a kind reporter


This competitive spirit was not to be outdone by a pennant chase in the Bronx.  What Steve had become to the world of NY print media Billy Martin was to NY baseball.   During game 2 of the 1977 World Series the camera captured a 5 alarm blaze a few blocks from the stadium.  Living rooms throughout America now had a visual of the gravamen of New York life in that era.  The Yankees went on to win the ’77 series and Martin and Dunleavy became fast friends.  It seemed only natural since both rose to the top of their professions in an unapologetic way and were frustrated by the manner in which others had bastardized the fundamentals of their chosen careers.

For a period in the 1980’s – 1990’s Steve took his bold style of reporting into American homes via the hit show, “A Current Affair.”  Despite having never lost his Australian accent Steve won an Emmy Award further solidifying his kinship for his adopted America.

In  1995 after a highly successful run on TV, “Mr. Blood and Guts” once again returned to the streets as a reporter.  Until his retirement in 2008 Steve was a permanent fixture reporting on cops and firefighters. With Steve’s exit into private life so too have departed the loyal cops, firefighters and their families who would gladly plunk down a few coins each morning to see what Dunleavy had to share with his loyal minions.

While some media outlets use cops and firefighters as cannon fodder, Steve forged an impenetrable bond.   To the uninformed, Steve is an apologist for the working class, when in fact, he is just a scrappy Irish kid from Bondi Beach who never forgot his roots.

(Pete Gleason is a NYC based attorney who represents members of the FDNY & NYPD. He is a former New York City police officer and firefighter as well as a retired military officer.)