The lion in winter


It was hardly surprising that he passed the torch to Barack Obama last year in an act of exquisite timing that boosted the young contender at a critical time, and left him forever in Kennedy’s debt.

That day in 1994 I saw one of the main reasons for his unlikely renaissance.  His wife Vicki is simply the right woman, from an old political family herself.  She re-energized and refocused him in a way that seemed impossible at first. Little wonder there is speculation that she may one day replace him in the Senate.

As we all know Kennedy is now seriously ill with a brain tumor, a circumstance that pits him against yet another formidable foe in a lifetime of battling against such opponents.

The Ted Kennedy I see and know will throw every punch in the book and then some to defeat this major enemy as well.

Already he has defied the odds by appearing at the Democratic convention and by attending key sessions of the Senate when important legislation needed his guiding hand.  Long may he continue to do so.