Secret tour of White House, Oval Office for Obama’s Irish cousin and friend


All three then had a pint of Guinness before returning to the White House.

“Ollie was the only one who finished the pint,” said Henry. “We were not rushed. His staff told us there was no panic.

“We went back to the White House then with the president and there was a hug at the diplomatic entrance. He went back up to his own office, he was working there, and Ollie and I finished off with a tour of the Eisenhower building. It was a day I will never forget.”

Ollie Hayes told the Independent that he was still ‘in shock’ over meeting the US president again.

“He asked me about energy costs in Ireland. He wanted to know what it was like on my own scale of business. He asked about our future dependency on oil. He generally wanted to know what sort of job Enda Kenny was doing,” said Hayes.

President Obama also revealed that one of his daughters was on a school trip to an orphanage.

“He said it was no harm to let the children see the other side since they are well off. He was very easy to talk to, you wouldn’t feel a bit uncomfortable,” added Hayes who will meet President Obama for a third time on Tuesday when they attend a function in the White House along with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

“The one thing we forgot to ask him was whether he’ll visit Moneygall again so we’ll do that on Tuesday,” said Henry.