Search on in Irish villages for person with deepest DNA roots


Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) wants to find the most local person in Irish communities, defined as the person in the community who has the highest number of great, and great grandparents in the area.

That person could be the key to developing the parish Diaspora worldwide. In cooperation with its USA-based DNA partner, 23andme, Ireland XO is developing a database of Irish DNA which will allow anyone abroad to find out what part of Ireland they come from, without ever stepping on Irish soil or researching even on genealogical record.

Even if you are a John Kelly from Alaska with no Irish connection, we will be able to tell you the likely parish you come from in Ireland, and in time, and a bit of luck, what house your family came from.

The “most local person” is by default, a biological summary of all the blood types and genealogies in an area and is a “marker” of the DNA of the local people. By simply matching your DNA with the national Irish database, your own mix of DNA will pinpoint to where your people most likely originated from. Using DNA is a third way, in addition to genealogical research and oral history that Ireland XO is using to find out the parishes from where the Irish Diaspora worldwide came from.

“Launching the Ireland XO DNA initiative not only helps us understand our past and our heritage, but also opens up our understanding of the power of science in piecing together who we are,” said Mike Feerick, chairman and founder of Ireland XO at the launch of the programme. 

23andme Vice President Jon Ward, himself of Irish heritage said that “there is huge interest worldwide in tracing Irish roots via DNA worldwide – and we are delighted to partner with Ireland XO in bringing the power of technology to parishes the length and breadth of Ireland”

The DNA test will cost €75 plus postage and packaging. The test results are available within a couple of weeks and then two things will happen.

1. The individual will begin to see all of their relations all over the world...this can be thousands.
2. Ireland's unique DNA will be mapped to each area. Ireland XO and 23andme are offering a special reduced kit price for Ireland XO users.

23andme will post out your test and you have the comfort and security of knowing that this is all done within best practices and your details belong to you and nobody else.

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