School is cool for new Irish students in Yonkers


Kayla, whose mother Siobhan hails from Co. Clare and dad Mike Rooney from Co. Galway, shared an excited “yes” when asked if she was looking forward to her new school.

“I will play in school with my friends,” shared Kayla.

Jack, her big brother, took his sister by the hand to guide her into the building and promised to show her the ropes if she was lost. However, Kayla didn’t look like a lady who would need assistance.

One by one children and their parents filtered through the school doors, leaving only the really scared ones outside.  One young Irish boy was so distraught his mother had to promise him she would buy him a dog if he stopped crying. That didn’t even work.

A little girl donning a red backpack told her mother she was “scared.”

“You will see all your friends,” said the worried mother in response.

As the sun shone brightly overhead and one by one parents parted with their babies, a crowed gathered at a breakfast table -- complimentary of Eileen’s Country Kitchen on McLean Avenue in Yonkers -- to share stories.

One mother, who had a tissue to dry away her tears, asked a veteran mother, “Does it get any easier?”

The reply she received: “Absolutely. When you get home and realize you can go for a four hour nap without any disturbances, you’ll then know how wonderful school really is.”