Is Savita's death being used to advance a pro-abortion agenda in Ireland?


To paraphrase the words ofWilliam Butler Yeats, this is a case in which the most informed have lacked conviction, while the least informed and most ideologically driven seem to be full of passionate intensity. Having just passed a referendum to protect the rights of of children, it is too soon to conclude that they should be taken from unborn children.

As a broadcaster I recognise that there is a case to be made for legalising abortionin Ireland. There is also a case for preserving the right to life of the unborn child. Those wishing to advance the former view should not use the tragic death of Savita to advance their cause until the full facts are known. A final point must be made: Many of the references made to “Irish Catholicism” in the last few days appear to reflect a prejudicial knee jerk hatred that will use any excuse to express itself.

Were deaths in Israel and Gaza to be attributed to “Judaism” or “Islam” the result would quite rightly to invoke incitement to hatred laws against those doing so. Exploiting human suffering to peddle anti-religious prejudice is unacceptable and responsible media must have nothing to do with it.

*Marc Coleman is a broadcaster, columnist and author and is writing in a personal capacity.

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