Romanian in Galway pleads guilty to horrific attack - Told partner he would stop beating her if he could gouge out her eye


A Romanian man has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for a “sadistic” attack on his 30-year-old Irish girlfriend, in Galway. Gheorge Pasare (28) told his partner he would stop beating her with a belt if she let him gouge her eye out with a bread knife, the court heard.

Pasare pleaded guilty to the attacks on the woman at her home in Tirellan Heights, Headford Road, Galway on August 6, November 20, and December 7 of last year. She suffered a fractured nose, wrist and eye socket.

The court heard that Pasare and his girlfriend had been out on December 6 when a comment about his girlfriend from a bouncer threw him into a jealous rage.

When they got home he beat her with a belt, around the face and head, punched her, dragged her into the bedroom and sat on her while attempting to choke her. He ripped off her clothes.

Then allowed her to put on a cardigan and go into the kitchen. He then smashed her head off a work surface.

She grabbed a knife and attempted to defend herself but he grabbed it broke it and threw it in the thrash.

A policeman giving evidence said “He then took a bread knife from a drawer and placed it at her right eye and said the assault would stop if she allowed him to take her eye out.”

She used her hand to get the knife away from her eye. In doing so she cut her hand badly. Pasare then realized she was in pain and went into the bedroom.

After having her wrist broken, she escaped to her neighbors home who brought her to the emergency room.

Pasare was arrested on December 13 and at first said the injuries were self inflicted but later admitted his guilt.

Women's Aid director Margaret Martin, told the Irish Independent they don't comment on individual cases, but added "Many women who are attacked by their partners are told that no one will believe them and that they are to blame for the abuse. They live in fear of further violence if they try to end the relationship."