Robert Menendez voices strong opposition to IRA Boston College tapes handover


‘We really feel that this serves no positive purpose whatsoever,’ Moore told the Voice. ‘It has all the makings of a witch hunt. The only positive thing that I see is that far fewer of the original documents that have been requested by the PSNI have actually been cleared to be given to them.’

The PSNI is more and more being recognized as a discredited operation, Moore continued and prosecution moves like this do it no favors. ‘Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies found the procedures being used by this police service just incredible, contrary to all kinds of guidelines. And now we’re handing over documents that never should have been in their hands and won’t be used for a positive purpose? That could undermine to a great extent so much that has been accomplished by the peace process. It’s entirely regrettable.’

So many people have worked so hard and pulled back from their own hardened positions to accommodate the peace process, Moore added. ‘And here we are watching the PSNI tearing it down? It’s so unfortunate,’ he said.