Right of Reply: Gerry Adams was never target of Boston College Oral History project


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Unlike the incidents just referred to, there would on this occasion seem to be no plausible alternative explanation to the theory proffered by Kevin Cullen in the Boston Globe that the exercise by the PSNI in pursuit of material from the oral history archives at Boston College is an attempt to cause problems for Gerry Adams. The Northern Irish police displayed no eagerness to solve the case at the centre of the subpoena for almost 40 years. Why now? Niall O’Dowd appears to agree as he approvingly cites the Cullen argument. What seems incongruous is that O’Dowd then attacks the project rather than the PSNI. He seeks to weaken the college defense of academic freedom and free inquiry by alleging that the history project was an ersatz academic venture, the real purpose of which was to collate negative information about Gerry Adams. ‘Unwittingly or wittingly perhaps’, he is adding ballast to the case of those in the PSNI he accuses of seeking revenge on Gerry Adams.