Queen's Irish visit a 'game-changer' says David Cameron

Mary McAleese and the Queen at the Convention Centre

The historic May visit of Queen Elizabeth to Ireland has been described by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, as a "game-changer" that heralded a new era in Anglo-Irish relations.

In the RTE documentary, “The Queen's Speech” broadcast last night, Cameron said the “strong relationship” between London and Dublin has been further bolstered as a result of the visit.

In May, Queen Elizabeth became the first monarch to visit the Republic in over a century. Her four day visit sparked an unprecedented multi-million security operation.
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The British Prime Minister told RTE, "It's been a game-changer, to use that terrible modern expression.

"What was already a strong relationship, and what was already becoming warmer and more positive because of the settling down of the Northern Irish issue, I think her visit has just put that into a massive new perspective.

"She just warmed the hearts of people, and so this true relationship - that I think had been going on between British people and Irish people for years - has really now been able to flower."