President John F Kennedy mementoes of 1963 Irish visit fetch $18,500 in Massachusetts


White House memorabilia, including photos of John F Kennedy’s four day trip to Ireland in 1963, have fetched $18,500 at auction.

Almost $2 million worth of memorabilia was sold during the sale of items from the estate of his former special assistant and close friend David Powers. Powers passed away in 1998 and kept hundreds of personal keepsakes from his time working with JFK.

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The mementoes included signed picture of the presidential cavalcade on Dublin’s O’Connell Street which sold for $11,000 at an auction in Massachusetts last weekend.

A photo of JFK at Dublin airport and a green harp pin were sold for $1,000, reports the Irish Examiner.

One bidder payed $570,000 for JFK’s Air Force One leather bomber jacket.

An online buyer bought the speech JFK delivered at Cork City Hall, where he was conferred with the freedom of the city, along with five photos of him greeting locals in Cork and Wexford, as well as a commemorative illustrated catalogue of his visit, for $2,250.

reports a photo of Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy on their wedding day signed by the couple sold for $9,750 even though the pre-auction price was $2,000 to $5,000.

The entire collection contained more than 2,000 items that made up more than 723  auction lots.

About 350 people attended the auction, with another 1,000 online bidders.

President John F Kennedy's visit to Ireland in June 26-29: