Polls open in Ireland for EU Fiscal Treaty referendum


Ireland has gone to the polls again – voting is underway in the EU Fiscal Treaty referendum.

Polling stations opened at 7am on Thursday morning and will remain open until 10pm that night all across the country.

More than three million people are entitled to vote in the referendum.

This is Ireland’s ninth Europe-related referendum and the 33rd time the electorate has been asked to approve a change in the 1937 Constitution.

Government partners Fine Gael and Labor and their Fianna Fail opposition have all campaigned for a Yes vote.

Sinn Fein has led the No side in the campaigning which stopped at 2pm on Wednesday.

Opinion polls show a healthy lead for the Yes side but the No campaign believe many voters have still to make up their mind.

Reports say islanders and those in institutional care have already cast their ballot, while a further 13,000 are eligible for postal votes.