Labor Party leader Eamon Gilmore in the firing line as support drops to just six percent


Eamon Gilmore’s future as Labor Party leader is under serious threat after another pounding in the opinion polls.
The Coalition partners face meltdown at the European and local elections next month according to the new poll.
Conducted by Millward Brown for the Sunday Independent, the poll says support for Labor is now at an all-time low of just six percent.
The Labor support has halved since the start of the year despite the party’s presence in government as junior partner to Fine Gael.
The paper describes the poll results as a ‘crisis’ for Labor and predicts it could lead to the removal of Gilmore as leader.
In contract, Enda Kenny’s Fine Gael are up two points to 29 percent support although 54 percent of those polled want Alan Shatter removed as justice minister in the light of recent controversies.
The paper says the poll suggests that Fine Gael is being rewarded for the country’s improving economy with 30 percent support in Dublin.
Kenny enjoyed 27 percent support for his role as Irish PM in the poll but Gilmore’s personal popularity has dropped to 16 percent.
One senior Labour figure told the Sunday Independent: “He had a bad week and now looks even weaker. He is on the rack and the elections in May will determine his fate.
“People are now openly questioning his leadership. We are sleepwalking into disaster here. 
A lot of guys are now beginning to realize that at this rate they won’t be coming back next time.”
The poll also reports overall satisfaction with the Government at 24 percent with two-thirds of those polled dissatisfied with how the Government is running the country, down from 71 percent in February.
Fianna Fail is now seven points behind Fine Gael on 22 percent with Sinn Fein again polling strongly at 20 percent and support for Independents slightly up at 21 percent.