Plans for mass riot by teenagers scuppered by social network alerts

Planned brawl was thwarted by interception of messages

Police have praised teenagers who used social networking sites to alert them to a planned brawl in a County Meath village.

Gangs of youths took to Facebook and Twitter to plan their row in Duleek at the weekend.

Up to 75 teenagers got a rude awakening when they arrived in the village to find police waiting for them before any trouble could kick-off.

The authorities were on hand after youngsters alerted them to the plans made public on the social network sites.

“Their actions prevented what had the potential to be a serious incident,” Superintendent Jim Cannon from the Laytown station told the Irish Times.
The paper reports that a third of the teenagers were from Drogheda and had taken a bus to Duleek, five miles away.


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Sources believe they were to meet a group of teenagers from Duleek and there was to be a ‘confrontation’. 

Superintendent Cannon added: “Essentially the civic-mindedness and attention to what was happening in their locality prevented what might have been a serious incident. It certainly had the potential to be one.”

Local politician Dominic Hannigan, Labour deputy for Meath East, said the row had been ‘planned on Facebook’.

He said: “People need to be socially aware when using social network sites.

“Thankfully in this case that is what happened. There was no fight because civic-minded people who saw the notices on Facebook informed the police.”