Over 85 percent of Irish people support limited abortion


The vast majority of Irish people support a change to abortion legislation in the wake of the death of Indian mum-to-be Savita Halappanavar.

A new opinion poll for the Sunday Business Post newspaper shows that eight out every 10 people support legislation based on the 20-year-old X Case ruling on abortion by the Supreme Court.

The Red C poll asked over 1,000 voters nationwide if they supported legislation for the X Case which would allow abortion where the mother’s life is threatened, including by suicide.

The poll saw 85 percent say they support legislation in these circumstances, 10 percent would not support it and 5 percent said they didn’t know.

The Government is working on new abortion legislation on the basis of the X Case ruling 20 years ago.

Some 82 percent of voters also said they would support a change in the constitution to make abortion legal for mothers who had been impregnated as the result of a rape.

But 63 percent said they would also support a constitutional amendment to limit the X Case criteria to remove the threat of suicide as grounds for an abortion.

Just 36 percent said they would support a constitutional amendment to allow abortion in any cases where a pregnant woman wanted to have one.

The Sunday Business Post also sees support Fine Gael drop by six points to 28 percent, its lowest Red C rating since 2008.

Labor Party support is up one to 14 percent while Fianna Fáil is up one point to 20 percent, the party’s highest rating since October 2010.

Sinn Féin support remains unchanged at 17 percent with independents and others up four to 21 percent.