Over 500 supporters of accused Irish nanny sign up for Facebook page to proclaim her innocence


Support for the Cavan nanny expected to be accused of killing a one year old baby has been growing online.

A Facebook group entitled “Support for Aisling McCarthy Brady” reiterated that the Irish woman is innocent until proven guilty. Over 500 supporters have “Liked” the page and commented.

Among the comments was one from Karen Kinsella which read, “Really shocked!!! I worked with her years ago she's a lovely girl.”

Another poster, Chrissy Andrews-Dirrance, wrote, “INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!!! If you are not a friend of Aislings, then move along, no one cares about your opinion.. there are also other reports of healing fractures, and malnutrion! hmmm. so lets wait and see what happens before you judge someone you dont know [sic].”

Monica McCarney wrote; “ Aisling myself & Koojo both thinking of ye! We're all praying for you, hope things work out ok for you. x”

The Boston Herald reported that very few people that they interviewed in the Irish community would say anything about the case and many told the reporter that she was innocent until proven guilty.

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“It is unfortunate for our community if it is tarnished by either sensationalism of a sad situation or the transgression of someone who actually did wrong,” said Connell Gallagher, publisher of Boston’s Irish Emigrant newspaper.

“This lady has to deal with what happens. Whether she is guilty or not, it remains to be seen.”

Meanwhile, locals in the Cavan town of Lavey, including the local priest, have come out in support of the accused nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady.

McCarthy Brady from Lavey, County Cavan, living in Boston since 2002, has been accused of the assault and possibly the murder of one-year-old Rehma Sabir who was in her care.

The baby died in a Boston area hospital after being rushed there with severe injuries.

Father Kevin Fay, a priest from McCarthy Brady’s mother’s parish said the family of nine children were well known and respected and he had serious doubts about the charges.

Fay emphasised said there is “no foundation” to the allegation put against the Cavan native. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph he said, “It is an allegation at the moment.

"Allegations are allegations - there's no foundation to them, no foundation at the moment to any of them."

However, a neighbor in Boston for five years said he had no doubt that McCarthy Brady had violent tendencies.

“When I found out she was a nanny, it crossed my mind to find that family and tell them how she is violent and aggressive,” Quincy neighbor Thomas Collins said of Brady.

The construction ironworker told the Boston Herald he’d lived upstairs and had numerous run-ins with her. “She’s all of 90 pounds and she’d literally be in my face yelling at me,” he told the paper.

McCarthy Brady has been charged with the assault and battery of one-year-old Rehma Sabir. Authorities expect that she will be charged with murder following the results from the baby’s autopsy, reports the Associated Press.

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No one was available to comment at McCarthy Brady’s residence, however Boston-based  Interfaith Social Services in Executive Director Rick Doane spoke to the AP about the defendant. He said the accused was a pleasant person, who helped stock shelves and hand out food in the past, for about two years.

On Tuesday the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded on $500,000 bail.
The baby was admitted to hospital on January 14, her first birthday, and died two days later. McCarthy Brady was arrested at her Quincy, MA, home on January 16 after police discovered traces of blood on baby wipes and in the child’s crib.

In court the prosecution also brought to light McCarthy Brady’s prior charges of assault and a restraining order, brought against her by an ex boyfriend.

The prosecutions also brought to light prior injuries suffered by baby Sabir, detected by doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital last week. They reported that the child had previous serious injuries including a broken arm, leg and compression fractures on her back.