Over 4,000 broke Irish students sign on for 'sugar daddy' dating service to pay college fees


In work experience they might not want to include in their resumes, more than 4,000 cash strapped Irish students have reportedly signed up to a 'sugar daddy' dating service to help pay their way through college.

According to the Irish Independent at least 4,464 female undergraduates have signed up to SeekingArrangement.com, a US-based online-dating website which seeks to pair off young women with wealthy and generally much older businessmen from around the world.

A survey conducted by the website itself last year found that approximately 80 percent of all the relationships conducted through the service involved sex.

Eyebrows were raised in Ireland this week when new figures released by the online agency have shown a sharp increase in the number of young women in Ireland seeking 'sugar daddies' over the past year.

The statistics show that four of the top 10 national colleges that use the service are based in Dublin.

University College Dublin tops the list with 399 members, followed by Trinity College Dublin at 395.

Data shows that from the top 10 Irish colleges, a further 749 new students seeking sugar daddies joined the website last year alone.

Blasted by some as a playground for dirty old men and adulterers in search of women often young enough to be their daughters, website spokeswoman Angela Jacob told the Independent that it was really creating relationships that are 'mutually beneficial' and which give female students the financial means to complete their college courses.

Jacob said: 'We've seen an increased interest from Ireland since the economy has been in recession. It's a lifeline for many students. It could mean the difference between them finishing college or being forced to drop out.'

Currently membership from Ireland is the seventh-largest in the world, behind the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.