Opponents protest against Irish E3 bill outside Supreme Court


A small group gathered outside the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday to protest against Arizona’s immigration law, which was being debated inside. 

The current law entitles police officers to check the immigration status of people if they have “reasonable suspicion” the person may be in the country illegally.

Among the protesters were some immigration opponents, one who carried a large sign against the Irish E3 visa program.

The LA Times reports Bob Shoemaker,  from northern Virginia, held a banner urging New York’s Senator Charles E. Schumer  to drop a bill that would give amnesty to illegal Irish immigrants.

“We don’t care where you’re from, if you’re here illegally, go home,” he said. “We cannot afford to be the dumping ground of the Third World.”

The gathered crowd opposing Arizona’s strict law chanted and prayed as people told stories about how they have been affected.

Jim Shee (72) a retiree from Tuczon Arizona told opponents of the law how he had been stopped twice since the law was enacted because he “looked suspicious”.

“The thing everyone has to realize is this is not just a Hispanic or Latino issue,” he  told the LA Times. “Anyone of color can be affected.”