One Irish gay man's quest to marry immigration and love


The sky hasn’t fallen, husbands haven’t abandoned their wives for their old fishing buddy, churches haven’t been forced to marry gay people, and your neighbors haven’t started marrying dolphins.

The scare tactics haven’t worked, because what we are talking about, at the end of the day, is love. That idea, that we’re talking about love, can get lost when anti-gay leaders unleash a torrent of scathing contempt over people they personally dislike.

But the thing is, no one can actually prevent you from liking someone else. It’s very foolish to try.

Some of my heterosexual friends are getting married soon and they look radiantly happy. Why wouldn’t they?

Lately their daily lives have become an intoxicating whirl of wedding planning, bookings, travel arrangements and bridal registries. It’s lovely to watch.

It also has me thinking. I could do with a new microwave. Oh, and if you’re so moved, I’m quite partial to Barneys. So you can send my partner and I a gift certificate any time now.

After 12 years, I think we’ve waited long enough.