Oldest living Irishwoman at 108 gives us exclusive interview


Reading is also a passion.  “But I can’t do it anymore.  I need a magnifying glass!” she shouts at Margie, who informs her mother that one is on the way. 

When it comes time for a photo, Margaret is more than ready for her close-up. “Will I take off my glasses?” she asks in her soft Clare brogue that makes you want to scoop her up and run away with her – that’s how adorable she is.

There is great longevity in Margaret’s family. Her mother lived until she was 98, and a sister, Nellie, died recently at the ripe young age of 103. 

Margaret has received a signed letter and commemorative coin from Irish President Mary McAleese every year since her 100th birthday, an Irish government policy of marking the milestones of its most remarkable citizens.  And though no one lives forever, Margaret Kelly shows every sign of adding to her coin collection next June 2, and beyond.

“Everyone loves her, even though she can be stubborn!” laughs Margie.  “She’s an inspiration for sure.”