Obama hopes for immigration reform in 2010


“It will be great if he can get us green cards. I haven’t been home to see my family or friends in a year and I’d really like to visit but there is nothing at home in terms of jobs so I’m not going to take the chance until the president gets us papers,” said Paula.

“I think Obama will do the right thing. He is a decent guy and I’m sure he will convince those who need convincing that something needs to be done for those of us who have no papers.”

Chairman of the ILIR, Bartholomew Murphy, told the Irish Voice on Tuesday that it’s “disappointing” that the Obama administration seems to be taking its foot off the pedal on immigration reform. 

However, he said, “Ultimately, ILIR and the 50,000-plus undocumented Irish in the U.S. remain hopeful that President Obama will keep his word on comprehensive immigration reform and expect Congress to pass reform as soon as is practically possible.”

Murphy continued, “ILIR will continue to lobby for comprehensive immigration reform for the 50,000 undocumented Irish in the United States as well as for a path for future flows of Irish immigrants, and ILIR will continue to work on Capitol Hill with Senator Charles Schumer and Congress member Zoe Lofgren and those drafting the legislation in this regard.”