Family has no choice but to leave Ireland


Their older son has been enrolled in a local school, and already Rachel is comparing the cost of sending a child to school in New York and Ireland.

“I can’t believe how great it is here,” said Rachel.

“At home before the child even begins school you end up spending hundreds of euros on school books and uniforms. That’s not the case here at all. It’s much more affordable and we’re grateful for that.”

To date their experience in New York has been good.

“People have been very good to us since we arrived,” said Rachel.

Only days after arriving Paul secured a job in his field of expertise, and is now working up to six days a week.

“I’m happy again. I’m working, providing for the family and it’s all looking very positive,” he said.

Rachel is currently interviewing for waitressing jobs and hopes to secure employment in the next week or so.

Their 11-year-old is also settling fast. He has begun playing Gaelic football with a local team, made several friends in the neighborhood and is excited with the new venture.

“Ya, it’s great,” he told the Irish Voice.

“I have lots of friends that I play with across the road in the school and they are very nice.”

Paul and Rachel realize that their children too will be undocumented, but feel a life in New York without papers is still a better option than a life in Ireland with no money for food, or having their home repossessed.

“We’ve made the right decision,” said Paul confidently.

They remain positive.

“This is a great country. How many thousands of Irish have come before us and made a success of themselves? We too will be like them,” added Paul with a smile.