Newt Gingrich talks massive immigration crack down with Bill O’Reilly


O'REILLY: Well, I'll tell you what it would do, I understand that but the deterrent then becomes much higher if it's a felony and you're sentenced to two or three years in a federal penitentiary which you can build all right, that's a deterrent for anybody coming in here. It's not only deals with people who are thumbing their nose at your order but it also prevents people from coming in here. But all right be that as it may it can be massaged. All right so they register under President Gingrich. You know where they are, and they ones that don't are immediately deported, picked up or whatever. And you would order the states to comply. Sanctuary cities, what would happen to San Francisco if they told President Gingrich we're not going to do it. What would you do to them?

GINGRICH: Look, we're going to propose a bill that cutoff all federal funding to any sanctuary city or sanctuary state. They get no money of any kind from the federal government, period as of that moment and if San Francisco wants to bankrupt itself and some fantasy it's fine.

O'REILLY: All right, so you would take a tough approach and you're not sending anymore federal money on any level to anybody that doesn't aggressively support the federal law. Ok. Final -

GINGRICH: Including by the way I would reward, let me just say, I would reward and encourage South Carolina, Arizona and those states that are correctly using local law enforcement and I would withdraw the federal lawsuits because they are doing the right thing trying to help us find people who are here illegally.