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Bosses of Ireland's “toxic bank” have been accused of “holding a gun to the head of Antrim motorists”
after they blocked a monopoly-smashing deal that would have seen Asda flood the local market with
cheaper fuel.

A filling station was always seen as an integral part in the high street giant's decision to open its biggest Northern Ireland store at Junction One, and the company entered into talks with the businessman running a neighboring outlet “five or six years ago.”

Paul Simpson revealed last week that he had entered into a “gentleman's agreement” with Asda,
supporting them as the protracted application limped slowly through an interminable planning process.

[Source: Antrim Guardian]


A distraught Crossmaglen resident has spoken to The Examiner of his fears and frustrations at what he
claims is an on-going campaign of anti-social behavior at the hands of residents living nearby.

Mr. Noel Kelly of Lismore, Crossmaglen was the victim of a criminal damage incident Friday morning,
November 2, when his car was rammed by another vehicle into a newly-built wall Mr. Kelly says he had
erected, at his own expense, to protect his property from the antics of a local couple on the estate.

The man claims he and his partner have been subjected to months of abuse and disruption from
the couple in question, who, he reports, are “well known to local police.” Mr. Kelly maintains that
a catalogue of incidents involving these people has taken an indelible toll on his life and that of his
partner, who is a nurse in Newry’s Daisyhill Hospital.

[Source: Examiner Newspaper]


There are fears that one of the most dangerous roads in Carlow could soon turn deadly.

Residents living at Ballybar, Tinryland say they are convinced a fatal accident will happen on their
doorsteps sooner rather than later. The long stretch of road, which ends with a bend, has already seen
up to 20 accidents in the last few years.

Locals say that there has been at least six accidents this year alone, one of those involved a young
woman who narrowly avoided death when a wooden pole ploughed through her windscreen.

Shockingly, on two separate occasions, local man Liam Byrne says he was just “seconds away from

[Source: Carlow Nationalist]


Mullahoran attacker Eddie O'Reilly could have played his last game for the Dreadnoughts, The Anglo-Celt can reveal.

The popular 33-year-old former county player picked up his third Cavan S.F.C. medal last month and
admitted last week that he "probably won't" return next season.

O'Reilly is based in Dublin and after 15 years on the Mullahoran senior team, he suggested that he may
not commit for another season with the champions.

"I think that will be it for me now, I've had a great innings," said O'Reilly.

[Source: The Anglo Celt]


The victory of Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 6, was welcomed in the Banner County last week.

The county’s mayor, Ennis man Pat Daly, said it was the right result for Ireland. “I think it is because he
promised to come back to Ireland again during his next term and hopefully he’ll use Shannon Airport
and come to Clare.”

He felt a Romney victory may have been bad for this country and noted that Obama is close to the
Clintons, who have very strong ties to Ireland.

“If Romney had won, it might have posed threats to the advantage given by our corporate tax. There
was a possibility of that.”

[Source: Clare Champion]


A bold Corkman has become an Internet star after starring in a video, but he may not want to show his

A U.C.C. physics student bared all and sprinted through Carrigaline in his birthday suit, in a video that
went online last Monday.

The video appears to be something of homage to the film “Old School,” in which Will Ferrell’s character
streaks through a town, only to have his wife and her friends pull up alongside him in a car.

In this video, the student runs through Carrigaline for over two minutes, while his friends film his jaunt
from a car, while shouting encouragement.

It is not known if the man performed his “fun run” as a bet, as he did not respond to efforts to contact
him. Details of the events in the video remain scant, much like his attire.

[Source: Cork Independent]


It was a far cry from the world of Dickens for local actor Andrew Simpson, who last week found himself
stranded on the other side of the world in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Whilst “Nick Nickleby,” in which Andrew plays the starring role, was being screened on B.B.C. One,
Andrew found himself in Staten Island helping with the hurricane clean-up operation.