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That's the concept behind “A Grand Experience,” to have life slow down, and to take into account the simple beauty that surrounds us and in effect embrace.

“A Grand Experience,” a new television documentary, directed by Meath native Garret Daly, charts a journey of three artists, a writer, a photographer and a musician – along the Grand Canal in Co. Offaly on board the historic Canal Boat.
[Source: Meath Chronicle]


One of the Ireland's best-known meat processing plants has been forced to close with the loss of 160 jobs.

Sausage maker Olhausen – which had been in business for more than 126 years – ceased trading at its plants in Blanchardstown and Coolock in Dublin and in County Monaghan.

Shocked workers will now have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday to find out what their entitlements are.

The employees had turned up for work last Wednesday morning as normal, but within an hour, were told their jobs had gone.
[Source: Belfast Telegraph]


Multi-colored hot air balloons rose majestically into the air above Birr Castle Demesne two weeks ago before drifting slowly over the town and away through the sky, floating on a light wind towards the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

This was the 42nd Irish Ballooning Championships (otherwise known as the “Irish Meet”), sponsored by Shannon Development, Fáilte Ireland, and Offaly Local Development Company.

The Irish Meet is the longest running balloon championship in the world, and was first held in 1971 at Newcastle House in Ballymahon, County Longford.
[Source: Offaly Express]


Gardaí (police) in Boyle are appealing for witnesses to a fatal road accident, which took place in the town on Sunday evening, October 7.

A pedestrian, aged in his 60s, was killed after it is believed he was hit by a jeep at around 7:30 p.m.

The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and was due to interviewed by Gardaí last Monday afternoon. The victim has been named locally as Paddy McKenzie.

The accident took place when the man was crossing the Carrick Road outside of St. Joseph’s Church. It is thought that the victim may have been attending a funeral. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
[Source: Roscommon Herald]


In an unprecedented court ruling, the family of a man “ruthlessly and gratuitously” gunned down outside his home has been awarded about $970,000 damages by the High Court.

Most of the award, some $930,000, will go to Margaret Madden, whose husband Terence Madden (52) – a father of three – bled to death after an artery in his leg was severed when he was shot twice in the early morning ambush outside his home in Ballaghaderreen, County Sligo, on January 28, 1999.

Ms. Madden, Lough Gara View House, Monasteraden, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Sligo, had sued the four men involved in the incident, in what is believed to be the first action of its kind where damages were sought by the family of the victim of a contract killing.
[Source: Irish Times]


A Templemore ornithologist, who thinks he may have a world record on his hands, was disappointed last week to be told there was no such category in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most ducklings born to one mallard duck.

Francis Cummins took a photo showing some 27 ducklings swimming with their mother on the lake in Templemore. Francis said the mallard duck had 28 in her clutch the previous day, but he did not have his camera with him at the time to record this amazing feat of abundance. While there is such a record in the U.S.A., the “duck authorities” across the pond only accept records set in America.
[Source: Tipperary Star]


A missionary from Cookstown has vowed not to be held back from her work, despite having her passport, permanent resident visa and a sizeable sum of donations stolen.

Maud Kells, who has worked in the Congo for 44 years, was due to fly out on October 21, but her house on Moneymore Road was broken into while she was out at a meeting discussing her work, and now her trip to Africa is in doubt.

But she has stated she is determined to get out to Congo no matter what, and says the item stolen which she needed the most was her permanent resident visa.
[Source: Tyrone Courier]


A campaign was launched on Monday to highlight the extent of the pummeling Waterford has received from the government in recent years, with members of the public asked to give the shirt of their back as a symbol that the city has nothing left to give in these economically harsh times.

Waterford Gives a Shirt was launched in response to plans by Minister Phil Hogan to merge the city and county, with rumors that the managerial headquarters would be in Dungarvan. It was expected that the amalgamation would be announced at a Cabinet meeting last Tuesday.
[Source: Waterford News & Star]


Gardaí (police) in Athlone are looking for witnesses to a handbag snatch on Thursday morning, in which a young woman received minor injuries.