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However, despite this much-needed cash injection, concerns were still voiced among some traders who suggested that Coalisland was being "neglected" and "run into the ground."
[Source: Tyrone Courier]


City Square has fully reopened following a fire at the plant room of Dunnes Stores last Monday, which saw all staff and customers evacuated from the shopping center.

The fire started at the plant room on the roof of Dunnes Stores, which contains heating and ventilation; units of Waterford Fire Service, backed up by units from Tramore and Dunmore, brought the fire under control.
[Source: Waterford News & Star]


Horseleap residents Sinead O'Neill and her boyfriend Paddy Barrett got the shock of their lives two weeks ago when they discovered they were sharing their home with an unwanted guest – a six-foot boa constrictor.

The young couple, who moved into the rented house four months ago, discovered the snake when they were about to start cleaning out their shed.
[Source: Westmeath Independent]


A group of Wexford fishermen at sea for the previous five days had said last Thursday that the fishermen will no longer abide by E.U. regulations to dump fish back into the ocean if they go over quota.

The crew, which harbored last Wednesday night, was watched over by a member of An Garda (Police) Siochana at Kilmore Quay before representatives from the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority arrived last Thursday morning to investigate the situation.
[Source: Wexford Echo]


Ali Coghlan (29), from Wicklow, started her online party supply site, named after her toddler Harry, after she was made redundant from her job in television production earlier this year. She says: "I really do feel my redundancy was meant to be.

"I'd always wanted to work for myself and when I was left out of work in March, I figured 'well, this is the time to do it!'

"The idea came from an experience last year when I'd planned a party for my son Harry (2).

"I wanted to do party bags for everyone but it took ages running round all the shops getting stuff to put in them. Moms and dads who are working full time just don't have the time to do that, so I set up a company that delivers the whole party kit complete to their front door.”
[Source: Irish Independent]