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The fire was called in by a local farmer and the emergency services attended the scene shortly after 5:30 p.m. The cottage was in an isolated area, down a laneway and could not be seen from the road.

The house, which had a thatched roof, was uninhabited and the fire took a number of hours to get under control but was eventually extinguished with the main damage affecting the thatched roof of the house. The building structure was left relatively unscathed.
[Source: Wexford Echo]


"I had a dream that I was talking to the Irish Sea," says Fionn Regan. "And in the dream, the Irish Sea told me to find my spirit. The Irish Sea said that everybody has to find their spirit or they're going under."

That dream was the spark for Regan's new album, The Bunkhouse Vol. I: Anchor Black Tattoo. It's a striped back acoustic affair of a mere 23 minutes in duration and the Irish Sea is not the only guest star. The Sugarloaf, the landmark mountain Regan grew up in the shadow of, makes a brief appearance, as does the Wicklow village of Enniskerry and other locations around Regan's home county.
[Source: RTÉ News]