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Malachy O’Rourke has been ratified as the new Monaghan football manager.

The Farney’s county board confirmed on their website that a committee meeting last Monday night had supported the installation of the former Fermanagh boss.

The Derrylin man was in charge of his native Fermanagh from 2007 to 2010.
[Source: RTÉ News]


Ireland’s disastrous “summer” has been a boon for a select group of Irish agricultural machinery manufacturers – namely, those selling zero-grazing machines to farmers aiming to beat the conditions and keep a fresh supply of grass in front of their stock.

“A bad summer, believe it or not, is good for us,” said Michael Gavin of Belmac Engineering, near Ferbane, Co. Offaly. Mr. Gavin and his son David have seen sales of their zero-grazing wagons quadruple this year, as a combination of poor grazing conditions and expansionary pressures on fragmented units forced many farmers to invest in the concept.

Sales of many pieces of zero-graving machines have doubled over the past year.
A zero-grazing machine capable of feeding at least 50 cows starts at $26,000 but can range up to $76,000 for a unit designed to cater for 250-cow herds.
[Source: Offaly Express]


The equivalent of seven teams, 105 male GAA players, has emigrated from County Roscommon in the last 12 months, a special Herald survey can reveal. The survey highlights the devastating impact the economic crisis is having on communities and clubs throughout the county.

As the economic crisis, which began in 2008, continues to bite, the impact is being felt among GAA clubs throughout the county, with North West Roscommon the area hardest hit.
[Source: Roscommon Herald]


Councils across the country are running out of money while continuing to pay former members tens of thousands of dollars in generous retirement packages.

The latest council to hit a cash crisis is Sligo, which was forced to ask for a government grant early because it ran out of money, the Irish Independent has learned.

And more than half our city and county councils are being forced to rely on borrowings to pay day-to-day expenses.

But new figures show that former councilors elected to the Dail (Irish parliament) and Seanad (Senate) will be paid as much as $1.4 million in "retirement gratuity" payments before the next general election.
[Source: Sligo Champion]


Tipperary motorists are now faced with the highest fuel prices ever. Some fuel stations are charging an average of $2.20 per liter of petrol and $2.07 per liter of diesel. These are expected to rise by another 10 cent in the coming weeks. Government taxes are the main reason for the high prices followed closely by uncertainty in the market and also the weak euro against the dollar.

Tipperary Energy Agency states that now is the best time for people to change their car to a more fuel efficient model in the tax A or B bands. The Agency is taking part in an EU funded project called CleanDrive ( which is focused on the promotion of more fuel efficient vehicles and electric cars.
[Source: Tipperary News & Star]


More needs to be done to stop continuing vandalism at a play park in Donaghmore.

That's according to locals who are fed up with antisocial behavior at the play area at Ivybank Park.

Callers to the Courier complained that the park was constantly being damaged and was being used for antisocial behavior.
Locals said complaints had been made to Dungannon Borough Council and also to the police, but to no avail, with incidents still continuing.
[Source: Tyrone Courier]


A car drove the wrong way down a one way street in Ballybricken and struck four cars resulting in two women being cut free from one of the cars. The incident happened just before lunch time when the blue Daewoo, which also contained a female passenger, struck a car containing four people head-on, as well as three parked cars.

In a separate incident, an elderly person was struck by a car at a nearby pedestrian crossing, within minutes of the crash occurring.
[Source: Waterford News & Star]


Judge Seamus Hughes had hit back at calls on him to resign last week, saying he made the exact same comments about Travelers last year and was actually praised by Pavee Point on that occasion.

At the court sitting in Athlone last Wednesday, the judge briefly addressed the controversy in which the Traveler lobby group had called for his resignation over remarks he made during a case the previous week involving Martin Stokes (21) of 5 Corkhill, Kinnegad, who admitted threatening to set fire to the home of a former neighbour of his.

During that case two weeks ago, the judge said he suspected the defendant came from a certain ethnic background that would give him even more form given the type of behaviour in which some of them engage.
[Source: Westmeath Independent]


Gardaí (police) and two units of Enniscorthy Fire Brigade rushed to Ballynastraw, Glenbrien on Saturday evening (September 8) after receiving a call about a fire breaking out in a cottage in the area.