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"It's a good appointment, Eamonn has been a senior selector and in charge of the U-21s and is a good man with a good knowledge of football," the talismanic forward told the Irish Sun.

"The Kerry County Board seemed to have an idea of who they wanted to succeed Jack O'Connor and they moved fairly quickly."
[Source: Irish Examiner]


Several iPads have replaced traditional schoolbooks for 172 first-year pupils at Pipers Hill College in Naas who began working with the new “digital schoolbag” two weeks ago.

The students received their iPads, which include digital textbooks and training in how to use them on their first day (August 24) in their new school. The initiative known as the Wriggle 1:1 mobile learning program will mean that these students will no longer have to carry heavy schoolbags.

“This is something that was going to happen eventually because of the way technology was going,” said Principal Colm O’Connor.

“The iPads are being rolled out to first-years only this year. All 65 teachers have been trained how to use the iPads and the various apps and they have been extremely enthusiastic and fully embraced the move,” he added.
[Source: Kildare Nationalist]


A man who stole a substantial amount of money from an upstairs office at Dore’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop was caught on camera 16 times during the incident.

The popular business on High Street, which has cameras installed has a sign inside the front door that says “Smile You’re On Camera,” informing patrons that they are being recorded for security reasons.

Gardaí (police) are currently examining the footage from the alleged incident. Owner Michael Dore said that he was “shaken but fine” following the incident adding that he felt fortunate that it was not more serious. “We believe that he had a knife concealed so we are counting our blessings that there was no confrontation,” he said.
[Source: Kilkenny People]


A jackpot-winning Lotto ticket netting one lucky person a whopping $10.8 million has been sold in an Abbeyleix newsagent.

The $10 Quick Pick ticket was sold August 24 in Loughlin Moran’s newsagents on the town’s Main Street. It is not yet known whether the winner hails from the midlands or was just passing through the region, but Rebecca Moran, who was working in the family-owned store on Friday and who may actually have sold the jackpot ticket, told the Leinster Express that local speculation is rife as to the possibility of a new multi-millionaire in Laois.
[Source: Leinster Express]


Liverpudlians Thomas Lloyd (35) and Sharon Cartwright (30) recently tied the knot at a marriage ceremony in Carrick-on-Shannon’s St. George’s Church of Ireland.

The couple, who each worked as train driver or train conductor for Northern Rail in Britain, visit Ireland often as Sharon has close family in Galway.

The couple wanted to marry in Ireland and in touring the countryside in our area in the spring of 2011 to find a venue, St. George’s was the first viewed and ultimately the perfect place for them.
[Source: Leitrim Observer]


A Janesboro man has died after contracting Legionnaires’ disease during a holiday he took to Chicago.

Thomas (Tom) Keane, from McDermott Avenue, was one of eight people who contracted Legionnaire’s in Chicago’s Marriott Hotel last week.

He died at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital l on Wednesday, August 29. It is understood at least one other person died.

Tom had travelled to Chicago with his wife Olive for a 40th wedding anniversary treat, in particular to visit his son Shane (29) who secured a summer job there. After staying in the five-star hotel, they returned to Limerick early last week.
[Source: Limerick Leader]


A seven-year-old girl has been released from intensive care following a car crash that claimed her mother’s life. The incident, which occurred on Saturday (August 25) at 6 p.m., resulted in the tragic death of Dolores McCormack (52).

A native of Moyvore, Ms. McCormack was travelling along the road at Ballagh, approximately two miles outside Mullingar. Her two children, Bronagh (7) and Katie (14), were also occupants of the car when it was involved in a collision with a second vehicle.

Bronagh was taken to the Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar, and then transferred to the intensive care unit at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, from which she was later released. Katie was also admitted to hospital for minor injuries.
[Source: Longford Leader]


A woman in her 30s has been found dead in a house in the College Manor Hoey’s Lane in Dundalk. Gardaí (police) found the body of the 34-year-old woman in a downstairs room in the house around 3 a.m. last Wednesday.