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As many as 90 protesters from the Donegal “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” campaign protested outside County House on Monday as councilors held their regular July meeting inside. Gardaí stood at the front door of County House and three Garda patrol cars were in attendance during the protest.

A protest by members of the same group in December resulted in the council budget meeting being disrupted, after dozens of protesters entered the public meeting and loudly voiced their opposition to the government’s household charges.
[Source: Donegal Democrat]


A 20-year-old man was beaten unconscious and a 17-year-old boy has been stabbed in an attack in Bangor, County Down.

They were assaulted by two men and a woman in Silverstream Avenue shortly after 8:30 p.m. last Friday week.

Police believe the 20-year-old was hit on the head with a hammer. The teenager was stabbed in his side.
[Source: BBC News]


A complaint was made to Gardaí (police) after a judge has been accused of insulting Polish people.

Judge Mary Devins had suggested in court that social welfare was a "Polish charity."
She has since apologized, saying the comment was directed to a specific group of individuals involved in an "alcohol-fuelled incident.”

But Killian Forde, of the Dublin-based Integration Centre, described her original comment as "absolutely disgraceful" and said her apology was insufficient.
[Source: Evening Herald]


It is an exciting time in the Noble household. Tom and Mary are packing their bags before setting off for London to watch their son, Gavin, compete for Ireland in the Olympic Games. And with their other four children also joining them to cheer on Gavin, it is going to be a real family affair when the men’s triathlon gets underway next Tuesday, August 7.

“We are very excited and very proud as well. Gavin has been through a lot with injuries and disappointments over the years so I would have to say that we admire him very much as well,” Tom explained.

Gavin hasn’t been able to get back to Enniskillen since he qualified for the Olympic Games and the whole family is looking forward to celebrating his Olympic achievement.
[Source: Fermanagh Herald]


It may be a quiz question in years to come – who was the first Irishman to feature at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics? And former Irish rugby star Noel Mannion owes his latest claim to fame to the fact that Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is proud of his own Ballinasloe roots.

Boyle’s opening sequence featured sporting highlights from around these islands – but the Irish clip he used was of Mannion’s legendary try against Wales at the Cardiff Arms Park back in 1989.

Nobody got a bigger shock than the former Irish number eight last Friday night when he arrived home from coaching the Ballinasloe juniors just in time to see his part in the Olympics.
[Source: Galway Bay FM]


Retired Kerry South TD Jackie Healy Rae has scotched reports that he will not pay back a pension overpayment of almost $18,290.

It had been reported in national media over the weekend that Mr. Healy Rae said he was not in a position to repay the monies owed.

However, when contacted by The Kerryman, the retired TD said he would repay the money if a genuine error had been made: "I will pay it back. If they gave me money that isn't mine then I will pay it back," stated the retired politician, who was a TD for Kerry South for 14 years until he stepped down prior to the 2011 General Election.
[Source: The Kerryman]


Quick action by a man who found a pipe bomb shoved through the letterbox of his home in the village of Suncroft saved him from serious injury and prevented damage to his home.

The man, who is the sole occupant of the house at Church View, had a narrow escape after the device exploded seconds after he tossed it into the garden.

The incident happened at 11:10 p.m. on July 25 when the man, who is in his mid-30s, heard a noise at his front door.

When he went out to investigate he discovered a package containing the pipe bomb, which was about four inches in length, on the floor. The man quickly picked up the object and threw it out into the garden where it exploded.
[Source: Kildare Nationalist]


Kilkenny native Grainne Callanan has been recognized for her outstanding performance in her recent accountancy examinations.

Grainne, from Ballyfoyle, Kilkenny, placed ninth in Ireland for her results in the recent Final Admitting Examinations (FAE) held by Chartered Accountants Ireland. The FAE exam assesses the student’s total competency and is an important milestone in a student’s career as a Chartered Accountant.

“Grainne is a dedicated and talented student,” said Ann Donegan, Head of Faculty at Griffith College Dublin’s School of Professional Accountancy.
[Source: Kilkenny People]