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The important local history site is where skilled masons travelled to this area of flat-faced granite rock slabs where they marked out the circle and painstakingly chiselled the rugged face until it revealed the wheel outline.

Some of the slabs discovered are still in this uncompleted state.
[Source: Donegal Democrat]


The owner of a filling station in County Down has spoken of his frustration after fuel worth $12,300 was stolen.

John McCormick, who runs a garage in Crawfordsburn, said he had been left out of pocket after thieves made off with 7,000 liters of diesel.

He has appealed to the public to be vigilant.

It is understood to be only the second time in NI that a filling station has been targeted in such a crime.
[Source: BBC News]


A Dublin mom has told of how her son survived a near-drowning accident at the National Aquatic Centre – one year before a four-year-old tot drowned in the same pool.

On the day that tragic Logan Joyce (4) was buried, mom Denise Mahon spoke out about the similarities between his death and the “secondary drowning” of her son Callum (8).

Callum's accident is now to be included into the wider investigation taking place into Logan's tragic death at the popular family center on July 22.
[Source: Evening Herald]


The leader of the St. Michael’s Scout Band, which has been a long-standing fixture at Ulster football championship matches and at Ulster finals in Clones, has stood down to make way for a younger person.

On July 22, Bernard O’Connor (70) led the band for the very last time, at the Ulster final between Donegal and Down.

At the start of the year, he had informed the Ulster Council that 2012 would be his last year as leader and, to his surprise, when he opened the match program, he came across a full page headed: “A Tribute to Bernard O’Connor.”
[Source: Fermanagh Herald]


The price of a pint – that’s what a North Galway man has been asked to pay back on a $102,000 debt to Bank of Scotland . . . and it will take him 400 years before it is paid off.

The debtor from Ballyglunin told Tuam Civil Court that the banks pressurized him to borrow almost $6.2 million and still owed them $4.3 million.

However, the court last week was dealing with a debt of $102,000 owed to Bank of Scotland who was seeking an installment order of $1,230 per month. However, they fell considerably short of what they were demanding.

It will take just short of 400 years to pay off this debt but Judge Geoffrey Browne said the bank would be around for a long time.
[Source: Galway Bay FM]


It was a dark and stormy night when Amy Winehouse performed at Other Voices – last Monday, a year after her death, producer Philip King remembers her visit.

When singers, musicians and artists make the journey west to Dingle to sing and play at Other Voices, they find themselves in a place that is between worlds at the edge of a continent, a place of exceptional physical beauty that they find inspirational. West Kerry has its own language and accent, a rich literature and a living music.

The itinerant musician and troubadour, weary from the impossible way of life that is the road, sense that here is a haven and good place to sing a song, to lay down a weary tune, a good place to rock and to roll.
[Source: Irish Times]


The locations for the wind farms in Co. Kildare which will form part of the $10 billion investment project announced two weeks ago have yet to be identified.

Element Power say that their Greenwire project will see 40 new wind farms constructed in the midland counties of Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly which will channel energy to the UK market via dedicated sub-sea cables. It says the initiative will create 3,000 long-term jobs and as many as 10,000 jobs in the construction phase.
[Source: Kildare Nationalist]


An Irish boy of 11 who flew to Rome by himself without a passport or boarding pass said that no member of staff asked him for any information.

Liam Corcoran said he was not asked for any documentation as he made his way onto the flight at Manchester Airport just days before the Olympic Games gets under way.

The Kilkenny youngster had wandered away from his mother during a shopping trip in Wythenshawe last Tuesday before travelling a few miles to the airport on a bus after finding a ticket on the floor. Liam told The Sun newspaper that he needed the toilet so decided to head into Terminal 1 of the transport hub – which has been welcoming athletes in the run-up to the Games. He said he walked through a body scanner and metal detector, but his lack of documents was not noticed by staff.
[Source: Kilkenny People]


A podium dancer in a Portlaoise night club had to curl up into a ball to protect herself from an assault by two women, which was committed after one of the women was asked to desist dancing on the podium next to the injured party.