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Sergeant Victor Isdell told Judge William Early that the defendant entered a house at Clonranny, on February 29, by smashing a rear window, and stole two televisions, a power drill, and a satellite box. The total value of goods stolen was €1,090, and only the power drill was recovered. The rooms in the house were rifled through, and he switched the electricity off at the mains.
(Source: The Irish Times)


There were 734 traffic collisions involving material damage on Wicklow roads during 2009 representing an overall reduction in the number and expense of motor insurance claims cost.

New figures released by the Central Bank show that in 2009 the average cost, measured on a per claim basis, decreased by 25 per cent, to €4,218, for comprehensive cover and by 32 per cent, to €5,391, for third party fire and theft cover between 2002 and 2009.

According to motor insurance experts infrastructure improvements and more cautious road users has resulted in a reduction in the level of accidents taking place.
(Source: The Wicklow People)