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During the AA’s online poll conducted at the end of January just gone 11 per cent of respondents said that they have sustained damage to their vehicle since the start of the year having hit a pothole. This is compared to a figure of 16 per cent during the same period last year the AA reports.

Last year counties Wexford and Roscommon appeared to be worst afflicted with 23 per cent of respondents from each county saying their car had necessitated repairs as a result of a pothole.
(Source: HGV Ireland)


Tuesday night parties where up to 200 students descend on houses are causing havoc in northside housing estates and increased Garda (police) patrols are now monitoring these areas after disturbances at the latest gathering.

Gardai say there will be an increased presence in Ballinode after what has been described as late-night "lawlessness" during these alcohol-fuelled parties. In one case more than 200 people, most of them students, congregated at a house in the Glencarrig Estate last week where they proceeded to have an all-night party much to the annoyance of neighbors. A wheelie-bin was set on fire during the revelry.
(Source: The Sligo Champion)


Three second year students of Our Lady’s Secondary School in Templemore were “propositioned” by a grown man while on their lunch break in the middle of Templemore, heard a meeting of the local Joint Policing Committee (JPC).

The JPC brings together Gardai (police), town councilors, and community representatives regarding crime in the locality. On Monday evening last, community representative Mary Quinlan told councilors and Garda DJ O’Dwyer that three local girls had told her they were “propositioned” with money by a man outside the local Spar shop. “They were scared. He threw money on the ground and encouraged them with money.”
(Source: Tipperary Star)


One hundred and sixty four jobs are being created in Cookstown.

Vion Food UK is investing £11.5m ($21m) in the company's plant in the County Tyrone town. Invest Northern Ireland have invested almost £1m.

The money will go towards installing new equipment and improved technology at the facility, which is the largest pig processing plant on the island of Ireland.

The Cookstown plant currently employs more than 700 people and produces pork, sausages, bacon and cooked meats.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph)


Joggers and walkers who are hitting the streets for their exercise have been left annoyed with the amount of dog fouling on the roads according to Cllr Gary Wyse, who said the footpaths have become like an obstacle course.

Cllr Wyse has called for action and said people must be named and shamed if they fail to scoop up that poop, leaving the public open to health risks.
(Source: Waterford News & Star)


Some 151 additional troops arrived at Custume Barracks in Athlone  last Wednesday bringing the strength of the barracks to 911, following the closure of Dún Uí Neill Barracks in Cavan and Columb Barracks in Mullingar.

A total of 126 troops from the 4th Field Artillery Regiment (FAR), who had previously been based in Mullingar, arrived at Custume Barracks.
(Source: Westmeath Independent)


Cigeratte smugglers are undercutting respectable shop prices by more than 50 per cent, traders were told at a meeting in Enniscorthy on Monday night.

More than 20 shop proprietors from around the district attended the meeting called by 'Retailers Against Smuggling(RAS) at the Riverside Park hotel.

They called for higher fines and greater enforcement of the laws against the illicit tobacco sellers operating door to door and out of vans.
(Source: Wexford People)


A father and daughter have been reunited 38 years after she was snatched out of his care.

Christy Cox and Wendy Parle (christened Suzanne by Christy) spent close to four decades separated from one another after a priest called to the Cox family home in 1973 and forcibly removed a three-month-old Wendy in order to put her up for adoption.

The pair finally managed to track one another down with the help of the website and now Christy looks forward to walking his long-lost daughter down the aisle during the summer.
They also only live a short distance apart from one another with Christy setting up home in Dunlavin and Wendy residing in Rathdrum.
(Source: The Wicklow People)