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The accused (62) has pleaded not guilty to 46 counts of indecent assault and rape of the woman, who is eight years younger than him. The alleged abuse took place between January 1965 and June 1975.
(Source: Donegal Democrat)


A Co Down woman branded a “guardian angel” by the parents of a toddler whose life she saved is to receive an Australian bravery award.

In September 2010 personal trainer Maeve McLoughlin (26), from Carryduff, was working as a nanny at a 30,000-acre cattle station in Springsure, Queensland, when two-year-old Bridie Woolcock fell into a flooded creek and nearly drowned.

Maeve told the Belfast Telegraph she had been hanging laundry in the yard while three of the Woolcock children — Bridie, Bella and Hastings — were playing with a litter of new puppies when the nightmare unfolded.

Heavy rainfall had caused the creek to swell from ankle depth to 5ft of fast-flowing, debris-filled floodwater.

Little Bridie had slipped, fallen in and been carried away by the current.

Bridie had been swept over half-a-mile down the creek when Maeve spotted her, face down, floating in the water.

Maeve got into the water, reached out and grabbed the tot’s ankle to pull her to safety.
Maeve returned home to Northern Ireland and two weeks ago opened her new business, Pre Core Fitness in Royal Avenue, Belfast.
(Source: Evening Herald)


A young airport worker has told a court he was defending himself when he "touched" the testicles of a colleague who, he alleged, was strangling him during a work break.

Radek Huska (29) told the Circuit Civil Court he was on a break with his colleagues when he had been attacked by workmate Machiej Kijve.

It happened at Dublin Airport in the loading bay area of Gate Gourmet Ireland Ltd, a provider of airline catering.

Mr Huska told the court there had been some horseplay between colleagues. One had been throwing ice-cubes at him and Mr Huska had threatened to throw an apple he was eating if he continued annoying him.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane heard that Mr Kijve ran towards Mr Huska, wrapping his arms around his neck and dragging him to the ground.

Mr Huska, of Parklands, Northwood, Santry, Dublin, said that while he was trying to defend himself he had touched Mr Kijve's testicles and denied that he had grabbed him in his groin area.
(Source: The Evening Herald)


A large cannabis factory discovered by the police in County Fermanagh had an estimated value of £350,000 ($630,000).

Eight hundred plants were discovered in a rural property near Coa, about five miles from Enniskillen.
One man was arrested.

The house was being rented.
(Source: BBC News)


A Romanian mother of three, who came to Ireland for the purposes of operating a brothel in a city apartment, was charging €80 ($105) for half an hour and €160 ($210) for an hour of sexual services, Galway District Court heard last week.

In sentencing her to three months in prison, Judge Conal Gibbons said that Monica Ciuciu (34) had lied to him under oath and would have to face the consequences of that.
(Source: GalwayBay Fm)


Two men charged with murdering a Brazilian man in Co Kerry were remanded in continuing custody.
The body of Bruno Lemes De Sousa, (28), who had been missing from his home in Gort, Co Galway, was found in a bog in Listowel two weeks ago.

John Paul Cawley, (19), and Wenio Rodrigues Da Silva (28), appeared before Kilmallock District Court last week charged with murdering Mr De Sousa.
(Source: Irish Times)


Kildare’s new refuge for women and children who are victims of domestic violence is standing empty because the State will not provide adequate funding to run it.

The center, in Kildare town, cost almost €1m ($127m) to provide and it could accommodate up to four families at any one time but since the local Teach Tearmainn organization took ownership of the premises in mid January it has not been able to open it as it cannot afford to employ staff .
(Source: The Kildare Nationalist)


An official enquiry is to be launched as to who flung a ham sandwich from a float during the St Patrick’s Day parade in the city.

The sandwich, reportedly made from brown bread and accompanied by some brown sauce is being forensically examined as to its contents and further examined as to the evidence of its origin.
The sandwich came flying from a float as it passed the viewing stand.
(Source: Kilkenny People)


A Roscrea man has been acquitted of the manslaughter of Offaly publican Matt Farrell during a burglary of a pub nearly three years ago.

Eddie Wing (31), had pleaded not guilty to the unlawful killing of 64-year-old Mr Farrell and to burglary at the Gaelic Bar, Daingean, Co Offaly on April 1, 2009.

During the burglary Mr Farrell suffered heart failure after he was beaten, bound with a dog lead and left to die.
(Source: Leinster Express)