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One of the culprits was charged with theft and is due before Carlow District Court this week.
(Source: The Carlow Nationalist)


Cavan Credit Union has come out fighting and says it is not insolvent, following media reports that it could be next in line to be taken over by the Central Bank following the takeover of Newbridge earlier this month.

The Board of Directors of Cavan Credit Union issued a statement to The Anglo-Celt  last Tuesday shooting down the reports and a spokesman laughed off unfounded rumors that there was a run on the credit union last week.
(Source: The Anglo Celt)


A West Clare mother who looks after an adult son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has claimed her life has been “turned upside down” following the erection of a 19.6m agricultural wind turbine in a neighboring property.

Mary Coffey claims this turbine has had a devastating impact on her son, Brian (23). The turbine, which is in full view of his bedroom, has affected his sleep and he will no longer use a sunroom, which was built to allow him some space and cost €12,000, because he is afraid of the turbine and is very distressed by the noise. 
She says their life has been “turned upside down” because Brian has been very badly affected by the turbine and keeps asking his parents when will they take it away. Any time a person comes to the house, Brian presumes they are there to take away the turbine, which he is frightened of.

The young man, who also suffers from epilepsy, regularly runs from the car into the house once he sees the wind turbine is still in place.

Other residents in Carrowncalla South, Kilrush have also expressed concern about the construction of a 19.6m wind turbine on land owned by Michael Clair. 
His wife, Eileen Clair declined to comment on any of the claims made by local residents when contacted by The Clare Champion.

On October 20 last, Clare County Council ruled that this structure was an exempted development and didn’t require planning permission after Michael and Eileen Clair, c/o Annette Stanford, Architects and Interior Architects, Sunnyside Heights, Kilkee requested a declaration on this structure.

Wind turbine specification submitted by Stanford Architects stated the turbine has to be located 30.4m from any party boundary, 87m from the north boundary, 45m from the south boundary, 45m from the east boundary and 74.5m from the west boundary. 
Resident Senan Murphy estimates the turbine is located about 120m from the Coffey home.

Apart from one of the 10 conditions, which relates to signage on wind turbines on an agricultural holding, the council has stated the owners are complying with the regulations.

Clare County Council has confirmed the developer has indicated that they will remove the signage at the next servicing.

Mary says there are times they can’t open the windows because of the noise and queried are they supposed to leave blinds closed during the summer.
(Source: The Clare Champion)


The Lord Mayor of Cork, Terry Shannon, has apologized to the Spanish man who was brutally attacked with a golf club and a number of other weapons in Cork city last Monday night.

Valencia native Jordi Roca was with friends when he was attacked by a gang of around ten people near the car park on White Street at 10pm on Monday night.

He told the Cork Independent that he was very grateful for the support he received from the people of Cork and the apology from the Lord Mayor.

Cllr Terry Shannon described Mr Roca’s assailants as “cowards” and “mindless morons” and said he wanted “to apologize on behalf of the people of Cork that this misfortune came upon him in Cork”.

“These thugs do not represent the views of the people of Cork,” he said.

Cllr Shannon condemned the attack, saying, “it is cowardice to jump on someone because you are in a group”. He described the attackers as “thugs of the highest order”.

“The city centre is everybody’s, every citizen of Cork. Cork City Council want the city centre to be safe for everyone. The last thing we need are mindless morons ruining the good name of the city."

Mr Roca, who has lived in Cork for four years, suffered a serious head injury and was operated on successfully at Cork University Hospital last Tuesday night.
Source: (Cork Independent)


Derry Credit Union has told a pensioner with six months to live that he’s not entitled to a funeral costs payout due to a change in policy.

Harry McCafferty (75), of Cornshell Fields, was diagnosed with three types of cancer after being admitted to hospital following a heart attack last October.

After coming to terms with the traumatic news that he had just months to live, the long-time member of Derry Credit Union then enquired about death benefit insurance (DBI) provided by the body.

However, he was dismayed to be told that due to a policy change which was passed at the AGM of Derry Credit Union in November last, he was no longer eligible for the £1,000 DBI pay out.