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Lauren was transferred to Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin the following morning.
The dog that attacked Lauren has since been put down.
(Source: Evening Herald)


A Pakistani doctor recruited by the HSE says he is considering leaving Ireland after suffering racist abuse in a nightclub.

Dr Syed Kamran Haider Bukhari has spoken out about his hurt and distress after being kicked and punched in a nightclub by a female reveler who later branded him a 'n*****'.

Dr Bukhari -- one of 100 doctors recruited to Ireland by the HSE -- told the Herald that the incident has caused him to reconsider whether he will remain in Ireland.

"I love this country. I work extremely hard and I have made so many friends and have had so many good experiences here.

"But this is not the first time I have been subject to racism. Somebody has to stand up and stay 'stop'," he said.

"I don't know if I want to remain here any longer.

"I was going to bring my two daughters and wife over from Pakistan but why would I want to have them living among racism?

"I don't want them subjected to the type of attitudes and attacks that I've suffered from," he added.
The 32-year-old junior doctor works in Drogheda for the Louth-Meath Mental Health Services.
He said that he was out socializing with friends last Monday night when he was assaulted by a young female.

"A young girl who was clearly drunk approached me on the dance floor before shouting nasty names at me. She punched and slapped me but she was taken away by her friends who apologized.

"But then she came back. She was shouting racial expressions at me before punching and kicking me. I couldn't defend myself, it's not in my nature to [retaliate].

"I just took the abuse but I couldn't believe the reaction of the nightclub."

Dr Bukhari told the Herald that when he approached the night club staff they "laughed at me and made fun of me because I'm a psychiatric worker".
(Source: Evening Herald)


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Efforts are at an advanced stage for the Castlebar area to host what organizers are describing as a ‘Festival of Football’ and one local councilor believes it could be ‘the start of one of the greatest things for the town’.

The steering committee of the Mayo International Super Cup attended the December meeting of Castlebar Town Council to pitch their idea to councilors and appeal for funding assistance.

Set up in conjunction with the Mayo Association Football League (Mayo AFL) and the Schoolboys League, the concept is based around hosting a schoolboys tournament for elite teams.
(Source: The Mayo News)


The number of deaths on the road in Co Meath has again fallen dramatically - to just four in 2011 - making it one of the safest counties in the country for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and providing a major boost for road safety campaigners and officials.

The major part of the year was accident-free and three accidents (all single-vehicle incidents) between August and September resulted in four fatalities. However, the reduction in the number of accidents from six in 2010 to four has been welcomed by Meath County Manager Tom Dowling who said that it was a major achievement and those working in road safety in the county would continue to make safety a priority through implementation of the council's Road Safety Plan.
(Source: The Meath Chronicle)


Gardaí are investigating an armed robbery at a bookmakers on the Main Street in Castleblayney, Co Monaghan.

Two masked men, one armed with a handgun and the other with a baseball bat, entered the premises at around 7.30pm and demanded cash.

A sum of money was handed over, but the amount taken is not thought to be substantial.
The men are believed to have left the scene in a Northern Ireland-registered blue Nissan car traveling in the direction of the Monaghan Road.

No firearm was discharged during the robbery and no-one was injured.
(Source: RTE News)


Amendments will be made to the Traveler Accommodation program 2009 - 2013 which will see a reduction in the number of accommodation units to be provided in Tullamore.

Dermot Mahon, Offaly County Council, outlined a number of proposed amendments to the Traveler Accommodation Program 2009-2013. It is proposed to amend the target date for the completion of a 4 unit group housing scheme from 2011 to 2013 in Birr.