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It’s believed the man, who is originally from the Granard area but presently residing in Longford, had been using the house as a means of hoarding the drug in recent weeks.

When officers from the Roscommon based divisional drugs unit and Granard Gardai swooped on Tuesday afternoon, they found the man inside a shed with a large quantity of cannabis herb.

According to garda sources, the suspect had been under the surveillance of detectives for several weeks and had only recently been released from prison.

“He was arrested in Longford for a similar thing last month and is someone who is known to us,” said a spokesperson.

Gardai must now await a response from the DPP before learning whether any charges can be brought against the man.
(Source: Longford Leader)


The sister of Irene White, who was brutally stabbed to death at her home in Dundalk in 2005, has made a fresh appeal for information regarding her murder.

Anne Delcassian is making the appeal to coincide with Christmas, and she is hoping in the intervening years someone with information may be better placed to come forward.

As it stands the Garda ‘cold case’ team, known as the Serious Crime Review Team (SCRT) are continuing to investigate her murder, while the reward for information regarding the case standing at €45,000.

Despite the best efforts of Anne, who has lead the campaign to find her sister’s killer, no one has yet to be prosecuted for the savage attack. Irene was murdered in a frenzied attack in her kitchen on 6 April, 2005.

“My sister’s murder is still very much in people’s mind. It remains the most brutal murder of a woman in history of the State,” Anne told the Dundalk Democrat last week. “My sister’s killer is still out there, and there are people out there who have information who just need the courage to come forward.

“The cold case team believe that time can help to unlock cases such as these. There are people out who are living with the guilt of this crime.”

Immediately after the attack that claimed the life of Irene, a man was seen running from the scene and getting into a car which sped off, notably avoiding any CCTV camera’s in Dundalk.

“This was cold and calculated murder. These people had been threatening to kill my sister for some time before her death. She writes about it in her diary and is truly chilling. These people would have stalked her for weeks preceeding her death and she knew she was going to be killed.
“Irene was a wonderful mother and a very moral woman, and I believe it is because of this that she was murdered. She knew something about her killer that they didn’t want exposed.

“Irene children are attending school now, I want them to be able to hold their heads up high, knowing what a wonderful mother they had and that she loved them dearly. Nothing she did would warrant what happened to her.”

Irene’s mother found her body, and Anne believes that lead to her death just six months later. “For a mother to see that is truly shocking, and it was planned that way.

“I would say to people, what if that was your wife, your mother or your daughter? How would you feel?”
(Source: Dundalk Democrat)


As high seas lashed the west coast over the weekend, leaving offshore island communities stranded, Co Mayo islanders woke up to the news that their cars parked at a mainland pier had been vandalized.

Nineteen cars, over half those parked at remote Roonagh Pier, near Louisburgh, were broken into and wrecked during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The cars of three sisters, who all work in Dublin, and were home on the island to visit their very ill father were vandalized, while one was stolen and later burnt out.

It has emerged the burnt-out car was stolen after the car used by the vandals got stuck in a ditch. It was discovered some miles away, on the other side of Louisburgh.

Another family who had left all their Christmas presents in the boot of their car had a lucky escape with their vehicle untouched.

Ironically, the islanders had just weeks ago contributed towards a fund – which will be matched by government monies – for the installation of a CCTV footage system at the pier.

One mother of four young children, Gráinne Kelly said this is the third time her car has been broken into at Roonagh pier this year.
(Source: The Mayo News)


Gardaí in Navan are refusing to rule out the return of a mysterious knife raider who targeted shopowners in March and May after an abortive robbery on a shop in Navan last week.

The same threatening manner of attack, a lone, tall male, wearing a balaclava, brandishing a knife, was employed at a newsagents in the town but with one notable difference - this time the shopowner fought back.

On Monday morning 12th December, at around 11am, a man, around six feet tall, carrying a kitchen knife and wearing a balaclava, entered Lynch's at Flower Hill and demanded money.