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It's believed  the blast was caused by an over-heated gas cylinder, which was in the back of his vehicle. 

A keen GAA player, Patrick has been living in Australia for some time and worked as a refrigeration mechanic.

A full investigation into the incident is now underway.

Local Area Councillor Niamh Smith says its a very sad day for the family and the local community.

(Source: The Anglo Celt)


The Mid-West HSE has accepted that the level of absenteeism at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Ennis is high, despite the implementation of all of its Managing Attendance Policy. These include referrals to occupational health, return-to-work interviews and certification of absence.

It is estimated that up to 15 nurses out of the hospital’s total complement of 133 nursing staff of all grades were out sick at the end of last September.

According to the HSE’s HealthStat Dashboard, Ennis hospital recorded a 12% absenteeism rate for nurses, about 1% of which is uncertified and about 2% is long-term, based on certified and uncertified leave only at the end of last September.

Overall, absenteeism in the hospital was 8% and it was also high for general support (8%) and other patient and client care (11%). This resulted in a red light for this category under the HealthStat performance indicator.

(Source: The Clare Champion)


The family of a Cork girl, who has severe cerebral palsy, have spoken of their anguish at the effect on her condition of living in a cramped bungalow that cannot even fit her wheelchair.

Chloe O’Reilly (7) was born with cerebral palsy-bilateral spastic, which severely affects her four limbs and significantly limits her movement and mobility. To aid her development and condition, Chloe needs the use of an electric wheelchair and a special standing frame that helps with the straightening of her spine.

The conditions in their two-bedroom bungalow in Mahon are so cramped that her wheelchair cannot be opened out in the house and her standing frame is too big for the living room.
Chloe’s mother Pamela and her partner Michael Moynihan face a daily struggle to provide for Chloe. There is no ramp to the house for the wheelchair and the struggle to get Chloe’s wheelchair inside has resulted in her falling twice from it in recent weeks.

A visibly upset Pamela told the Cork Independent that they have lived in the house for three years, having been promised when they moved in that it would only be a temporary arrangement. Pamela and Michael also have a seven month old baby, Seán, but there is insufficient space for him to move about and they say the situation has become a nightmare.

“Chloe does not sleep, she barely gets a few hours a night. When she is awake, she bounces around in her bed, the walls are so thin that she wakes Seán and because he is in a cot next to our bed we are all awake. Chloe can’t do anything in the house, she can’t do her exercises because there is no room.

“She is still in nappies but she is mad to get potty trained, but the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible and we simply can’t do it. She is doing great at school and progressing well but when she comes home, it is like she loses it all. Chloe even has to do her homework on the floor. We are not asking for much, it’s just so horrible for her.”
Source: (Cork Independent)


The local Rotary Council is on a mercy mission to bring Christmas cheer to Derry families in financial difficulty.

The club, which is made up of business and professional leaders has decided that a substantial amount of the funds raised from this year’s Tree of Remembrance collection is be used to help alleviate the difficulties that many families in the North West are facing by donating Christmas hampers of food and essentials.

Rotary has always used the proceeds of the Tree - which is situated at the Orchard Street entrance to Foyleside shopping centre - to help local charities but this year members have been moved by many of the stories of the plight’s of Derry families.

Rotary Club President, Maurice Brennan, said: “ The current situation facing many families in the North West this year is of great concern to us all. As a result of this our Rotary Council has launched Operation Christmas Aid where we will use a substantial amount of the money raised from the Remembrance Tree to help needy families in the local area.”

Members have already been in contact with various community groups and agencies in the city in order to arrange the distribution of hampers to those most in need.
(Source: Derry Journal)


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