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Her 27-year-old mother, now with an address in Main Street, Kesh, who gave birth to a baby son in April, denied allowing the death of Millie by failing to prevent it, and causing her cruelty by wilfully neglecting her “in a manner likely to cause her unnecessary suffering or injury to her health”.

A date for their trial, in Dungannon courthouse, has been provisionally fixed for after Easter next year, although, if arrangements can be made, it could take place as early as February.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph)


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Winter brings many ailments and difficulties, with none more serious than the spread of the ‘man flu’, which seems to strike large parts of the male population each year.

Now a Galway man has made a hugely successful video to help raise awareness of the ‘deadly’ sickness. Galway director and stand-up comedian Kenny Gaughan is the man behind the ‘Manflu – The Truth’ video, which has been viewed more than 133,000 times since it was posted on YouTube on November 17.

The video is a satirical sketch on the phenomenon of the ‘man flu’, which is an illness that appears to affect attention-starved males only, particularly during winter months.

“We’ve had a great response to the video, which we hope will continue to spread the message about the dangers of the man-flu,” said Kenny, who explained that the idea for the sketch first came when he was invited to discuss the phenomenon on Tom Dunne’s show on Newstalk radio three years ago.

Galway husband and wife and dramatic duo Johnny and Deirdre Graham are the stars of the video, Joe and Mary Soap, which chronicles Joe’s ‘traumatic’ battle with a bout of the man flu. Mary feels lucky to still have her husband after he was “rushed to A&E” after displaying all the symptoms of the sickness – including a red nose, a tickly throat and watery eyes.
(Source: GalwayBay Fm)


Two pupils from Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine in Kenmare Co. Kerry, used their powers of persuasion on the Colombian government, to release a human rights activist from prison.

16-year-old students Ellie Gudgeon and Annie Cooper embarked on a letter-writing campaign to force the Colombian regime to release Rosalba Gaviria Toro from prison.

Last week, Ms Gaviria Toro travelled to the Co. Kerry school to personally thank the girls for their hard work and determination.

Trade Unionist Ms Gaviria Toro faced up to 40 years in jail on charges of ‘rebellion’ and ‘serious conspiracy to commit a crime’.

She spent 27 months in a Colombian prison because of her involvement with an agricultural workers’ union before her release in June 2011.

Ellie and Annie began sending letters on her behalf in January, to the Colombian Embassy in London, demanding her release.

Ms Gaviria Toro heard about the girls’ campaign in her cell at Villa Cristina women’s prison in Quindio, Colombia and wrote to them.

“I look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person,” she said.

“We never thought she actually meant she would come to Ireland but it’s lovely,” said Annie.

Over 3,000 trade unionists are currently imprisoned in Colombia, while 23 have been executed this year alone.
(Source: Inside Ireland)


Extensive damage was done to a car parked outside a house in Orchard Park, Curragh, in the early hours of Friday morning after a corrosive substance was poured over the bonnet.

The incident occurred between 1am and 9am on Friday last 2 December and Newbridge gardaí are investigating.

In another incident, a double-barrelled shotgun was stolen from a house at Scarlettstown, Milltown Road, Newbridge, between 7.30 and 8pm on Friday evening.

A short while earlier, in what may have been a related burglary, a safe was taken from a house at Ryan’s Field, Newbridge, between 6.30 and 7pm. The safe contained documents, some of which were found on the following morning by a farmer in a field at Punchesgrange, on the Milltown-Rathangan road.

Sergeant Seamus Rothwell said Newbridge gardaí would like to hear from anyone who may have noticed anything unusual, including suspicious vehicles, in either the Milltown or Ryan’s Field areas on Friday evening.

A shopper coming out of the Tesco store in Newbridge was the victim of a handbag snatch on Saturday evening 3 December at around 7.55pm. While putting her shopping into the boot of her car, the woman left her handbag in the trolley and was taken completely by surprise when a man cycled past on a bicycle and grabbed the bag. Described as a tan leather handbag, it contained a small amount of cash, bank cards and reading glasses.
(Source: The Kildare Nationalist)