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Shannon will also attend the hearing and give evidence on behalf of the prosecution.

Last night her father Raymond McGuinness told the Belfast Telegraph he had not wanted Shannon to attend the hearing as she is still traumatized over the murders, but she had insisted that she wanted to help the case.

“I did not want her to go as she is still very vulnerable, but she told me she wanted to. We had been told that if she didn’t go it could delay the case by several months and we don’t want that to happen,” he said.

“I am worried about her being in the same court as him (Cetin). I don’t want him near her or anywhere where he can have eye contact with her. Our lawyer is going to speak to the judge to see if she can give her evidence in another room.”

Shannon had been on a boat trip with friends on the day that Cetin coaxed her mother and Ms Dinsmore to take a trip with him from Kusadasi to Izmir.

He then brought the women to a small forest where he stabbed them to death and abandoned their bodies.

Baris Kaska, a lawyer representing the women’s families, told the Belfast Telegraph: “How he convinced those women to go to Izmir with him I don’t know. They only had €10 on them. If you thought you were going on a trip to the city you would have more money. They were also not dressed for a trip to the city, they were dressed in clothes to wear inside the house.

“Also, how did he get them to go to this area (where they were murdered)? This is not a nice place. This is not a picnic area. You do not want to go there. I don’t know what he told these women to make them go in there with him,” Mr Kaska added.

The next time Shannon saw her boyfriend was later that evening when he arrived home with cuts to his hands, claiming that her mother and Ms Dinsmore had been kidnapped and that he had been attacked trying to help them.

Cetin later confessed to police that he had killed the women.

The first stage of the double- murder trial will be held in a juvenile court as suspicion continues to remain over Cetin’s true age.

He is claiming to be 17. However, his victims’ families believe he is much older and want him tried and sentenced in an adult court. In the area of Turkey where Cetin was born many women have home births, and there is therefore no accurate record of date of birth.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph)



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Wedding plans of a ‘Fat’ Freddie gangster were ruined – after he was caught with guns, cash and €2m of coke.

Michael Fitzgerald (30), from Tallaght, was due to hold a glitzy wedding bash for around 200 guests on the holiday island of Tenerife.

But the lavish reception was cancelled after Fitzgerald was busted in his new marital home during a major garda operation targeting the ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson mob.

Gardai caught Fitzgerald with €2m worth of cocaine, two handguns, mixing agents and €53,000 worth of drugs cash.

Last week Michael Fitzgerald was jailed for eight years after he admitted possession of the huge haul at his home in Cushlawn Park, Tallaght, and his father's home at Corrib Road, Terenure, in June last year.
Our exclusive photo shows Fitzgerald in happier times with his innocent bride Ashling Gallagher (24) who he married in a civil ceremony in Dublin in July last year - eight days before he was busted.

While this was understood to have been a low-key ceremony, sources say that the couple had planned a huge bash in Tenerife just a few weeks later.

Fitzgerald -- who worked for the Thompson gang because he was in debt and unable to repay the mortgage on his house -- was told by Judge Martin Nolan last Monday that he was a good candidate for rehabilitation.

Detective Brendan Smith said a tip-off led to them getting a search warrant for the home Fitzgerald shared with his new wife in Tallaght.

Fitzgerald let them in and a search revealed the mixing agents and compression plates and metal moulds used for packaging cocaine.

They also found 6kg of the drug, €53,000 in cash, weighing scales, packaging and a diary containing details of several drugs transactions. Further information led gardai to do a follow-up search at Fitzgerald's father's house two days later. This uncovered the two 9mm handguns hidden in a DVD box, five bullets and 4kg of cocaine and amphetamines.

Fitzgerald was interviewed 20 times and took responsibility for everything seized.
(Source: The Evening Herald)