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However, he also said: "I reject these allegations. Under no circumstances did I engage in (any) impropriety. It is not true. It didn't happen."

Dr Tait had originally been charged with two counts of sexual assault in relation to the examination but the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew one count during the trial.

He said the accusation of sexual assault had been “very hard to live with...the trauma has been phenomenal”, describing it as “a devastating experience”.

The court heard the summations of defense senior counsel, Tim O’Leary, before the jury was asked by Judge McCabe to consider its verdict.
Source: (Cork Independent)


A body set up in Derry to combat alcohol misuse has said it is concerned about the emergence of a late night booze delivery service on the internet.

A spokeswoman for the Civic Alcohol Forum says it has also passed on details of the Dial-a-Drink service, currently being promoted on a social network site, to the PSNI.

“The Civic Alcohol Forum (CAF) is very concerned that such a service is being advertised to the public in Derry,” the spokeswoman says.

“The licensing and sale of alcohol is matter for the police and the CAF has passed on the information we have received to the PSNI to investigate any potential breaches of licensing legislation.”

The Dial-a-Drink facebook page says its service launched in Derry last Monday. It says it will deliver alcohol to people in Derry between the hours of 10pm and 5am seven days a week. An initial post encouraged potential customers to be “the ‘VERY’ first 2 place your D.A.D order and get 10% discount on first order.”

A mobile phone number is also listed while the site further advises a price list “will be up shortly.”
(Source: Derry Journal)


Up on 400 people attended a meeting in Donegal Town last Monday night to discuss the impact of the impending taxes and charges that the Government intend to implement in the coming months with a particular focus on the septic tank, household and water taxes.

The meeting which was held in the Central Hotel in Donegal Town was organized by Cllr. John Campbell and addressed by Deputies Thomas Pringle and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.

The campaign known as ‘We can’t pay, We won’t pay’ was formed from a group of concerned individuals in the county and has grown from strength to strength as revelations of new taxes emerge almost on a daily basis.

It was agreed, after lively discussion, that groups throughout the county organize community support in every town and village throughout the county to oppose these taxes and others that may be coming down the road.

Deputy Thomas Pringle said: “All these taxes are interlinked and are simply revenue generation to allow Government to withdraw money from local authorities to pay off debts to the banks that we as individuals never incurred. These taxes will be dressed up as environmental measures to reduce water pollution but they are really no more than a preparation to privatize our services such as water - people should resist these charges.”

Pringle added: “The sheer size of the crowd here tonight leaves little doubt that there is widespread concern and anguish being felt by the people of this county in relation to these charges.”

One of the organizers, Michael Mac Giolla Easpaigh added: “ It is also very clear the anger that is out there that the Government would chose to impose these taxes in the guise of services when it is abundantly clear that the exercise is really to garner funds to pay off the debts of reckless bankers and bondholders.

“The actions of this small group of individuals have created massive unemployment, increased hardships and created a widening gap between rich and poor.”
(Source: Donegal Democrat)


Schoolgirl Shannon Graham is to return to Turkey to give evidence against her former boyfriend who is accused of murdering her mother and another Ulster woman, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

Fifteen-year-old Shannon has agreed to attend a preliminary court hearing in Izmir to recount to a judge her version of events leading up to and following the murders of her mother Marion (54) and Kathy Dinsmore (53).

Her concerned family had not wanted her to attend, but the brave teenager insisted she wanted to help get justice for her mother and for Ms Dinsmore.

Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore, from Newry, Co Down, regular visitors to the Aegean resort of Kusadasi, were stabbed to death by Shannon’s Turkish waiter boyfriend Recep Cetin in August.
Their bodies were discovered in a remote forested area on the outskirts of Izmir.

Post-mortem results showed that both women had desperately tried to defend themselves from their attacker.

Cetin will appear before a court next month for the first stage of his trial and will tell in his own words how and why he attacked the women.