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A Kerry man who immersed himself in life in the locality after he was posted to serve in Newtown in 1972, Jerry managed to touch the lives of many with his compassionate and affable nature both on and off the job.

Chief Superintendent Pat Murphy of Waterford Garda Station said the death of Mr Lynch, a man he deeply admires, has shocked him to the bone.

“He was someone with a real feel for people and there was a real humanity to him. He had the common touch and I admired him enormously. I knew when he retired that he left a huge legacy and I knew I would miss him a lot for his professional contribution at the management table but I was pleased he was living in Ballygunner and would continue to make that contribution to the community. To suddenly hear that he had met a tragic accident and wasn’t likely to recover, it sent a shudder through me,” he admitted.
(Source: Waterford News & Star)


Local twins Kathleen Conlon and May Nugent celebrated their 90th birthday with family at a surprise party in the Dog and Duck in Ballykeeran on Saturday night last.

The ladies turned 90 on September 15 and believe this milestone makes them the oldest living twins in Ireland. Last Saturday they were joined by their sister Lilly Hickey and their extended family to mark the occasion.

Kathleen, from Goldsmith Terrace, and May, from Mount Temple, are very close and try to mark their birthday together every year. Originally from Kiltuber, Drumraney, their parents were Thomas and Kate Conlon. There were five siblings in the family and their brothers Paddy and Thomas Conlon have passed away.

Born in Drumraney, they both moved into Athlone at the age of 20. May went to work at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel, where she worked for nine years until she married Jimmy Nugent and they moved to Mount Temple, where she has lived since. She has four children Laurence, Mary, Tommy and Kathleen.
(Source: Westmeath Independent)


A Co. Wexford truck driver falsely imprisoned his student girlfriend and threatened to kill her during a fit of "rage and jealously", the District Court was told in Waterford, last week.

Liam Clince (28) of Killanne, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, fell "head over heels" in love with the girl but got involved in a heated argument with her over certain " social exploits" the previous week.

While in an emotional state and driving along a quayside he threatened to put both of them "at the bottom of the river", the court heard.

He pleaded guilty to threatening to kill WIT student Margaret Birmingham on two occasions at Ballycraddock, Dunhill, Co. Waterford, and at Kennedy Quay, in Cork, and falsely imprisoning her at Smoormor, Co. Waterford, on November 8, 2010.

The DPP indicated summary disposal of the case in the District Court on a guilty plea only.

The court was told by Inspector Anthony Lonergan that the defendant collected Ms. Margaret Birmingham at a pub in Fenor, near Tramore in Co. Waterford, at approx 8.30 pm on the evening of November 8, 2010. He brought her to Ballycraddock, Dunhill where he stopped-up in a lane and pulled her out and pushed her against the car. Then he got a wheel brace and banged it against the vehicle.

The woman ran up the lane but he followed and caught her and brought her back to the car and they drove towards Dungarvan and then onto Cork.

During the ordeal which lasted several hours she fell asleep in the car and woke up to see a sign indicating the Port of Cork.

As the car travelled along the quay the defendant told her that he would put both of them "at the bottom of the river".

But following a phone conversation with his mother he brought Ms. Birmingham home. The defendant had no previous convictions.

Solicitor Ken Cunningham, defending, said the incidents on the evening in question arose out of " affairs of the heart" that went terribly wrong.

At that time he was under enormous financial stress.
(Source: Wexford People)


Illegal deer lampers came close to accidentally shooting a Wicklow motorist.

The incident occurred last Tuesday night around 8.15p.m. when Shillelagh man Mick Dunbar was driving through the village.

The bullet ripped through his jeep missing his head by mere inches. He believes that poachers were illegally deer hunting in the nearby woodland and that they might not even know the bullet went astray. 'I heard an unmerciful whistling noise so I pulled over the jeep to see what was wrong. It was only then that I saw the hole in both sides. It looks like a hollow point bullet was used which people use to kill deer. It's totally illegal and has to stop. I could have been on my way to the morgue if that bullet had been a few inches closer,' he said.

Local Gardaí are investigating the matter and have appealed for anyone who is out legally shooting in the area to be vigilant. ' This appears to be an accidental incident however we appeal to people to be sure of safety practices and be aware of their surroundings. Anyone who is aware of illegal activity should inform Gardaí.'
(Source: The Wicklow People)