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He claimed he had no connection to the organization, and was entrapped by secret agents who initiated the arms deal and guided it at every stage.

Judge Arunas Kisielius found Campbell guilty of membership of a terrorist organization, weapons smuggling, and trying to illegally buy arms including automatic rifles, explosives, grenade launchers and a sniper rifle.

“The evidence acquired during the investigation proves that the weapons and explosives would have been used for terrorist attacks and killing of innocent people in the United Kingdom,” prosecutor Irmantas Mikelionis said.
(Source: Irish TImes)


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A Ballina man ‘snapped’ when he could not get his dole money and dosed petrol over the floor of the social welfare office in protest.

Fifty-one-year-old Gerry Walsh of 33 Healy Terrace, Ballina poured petrol in the hallway of the Department of Social Welfare office in Ballina after his dole was stopped for the second time. The incident occurred on October 26, 2010 and after he was arrested he told gardaí that every man has a snapping point and he had reached his.

Mr Walsh entered the building at 11.45am with a red cannister containing a mixture of petrol and oil which he retrieved from his garden shed 40 minutes after he was told his dole had been stopped.

Up to 30 people were present in the building and he shouted for them to call the fire brigade while he poured the liquid over the hallway of the building. The building was evacuated and when gardaí arrived they observed Mr Walsh with the cannister in one hand and a cigarette lighter in the other.
(Source: The Mayo News)


A Trim mother is facing eviction from her home over her refusal to pay penalty rent she believes she should not be charged.

Denise Gorman, a mother of two, who has been living at her Manorlands home for 10 years, says she has been charged an additional €40 a week in penalties by Meath County Council.

However, Ms Gorman says she has fully complied with the council's requirements and that she is not going to pay what she believes are "crazy" penalties.

Under every tenancy agreement, a rent review form must be filled out before the new level of rent is charged to council tenants in January of each year. In the Trim area, the deadline is 8th December.
Single mother Ms Gorman says she correctly filed the form with the council although she admits she was a few days late.

"The forms were definitely with them before the end of the year but the penalty rent was never dropped and that has been added on, week on week," she said.

"I've tried to reason with them, but they've done absolutely nothing to change it. For the moment, I'm in limbo and it'll be a disaster (if evicted). I've a son in school here and my work is here, too. All I can do now is wait and see but I've had absolutely nothing off them (regarding negotiating the penalties) about something I shouldn't have to pay," she added. The review of circumstances is used as a way of calculating the next year's rent, which can be reviewed upwards or downwards depending on earnings, who is living in the house and various other factors.
(Source: The Meath Chronicle)


The parents of a man, beaten to death in County Monaghan four years, have said they remain hopeful his killers will be brought to justice.

Stephen and Breege Quinn were speaking on the anniversary of their son Paul's murder.

Last week, hundreds of people attended a mass in memory of the 21-year-old in his hometown of Cullyhanna in south Armagh.

Paul Quinn was savagely attacked by a gang of masked men after being lured to a farm in Tullycora, near the village of Oram in 2007.

His parents say they still believe people living locally "know all about" Paul's murder and have called on them to go to the gardaí or the PSNI to "get it off their chest".
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Three in four graduates of new ‘recession friendly’ qualification in employment.

Figures released by Career Decisions Ireland at the recent graduation of Ireland’s first Diploma in Career Coaching, showed that three in four graduates, including those from Offaly, had secured jobs or started their own businesses, within weeks of obtaining their qualification.