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A local woman has made an emotional plea to the Housing Executive to get her 'out of Antrim before someone is hurt'.

The campaign of terror started last October when windows were broken at the house in Ballycraigy where she has lived for three years.
At first she put it down to Hallowe'en high jinks, but it soon became clear that dark forces were at work.

The vandals were to pay return visits, culminating in an incident in the early hours of last Thursday morning when large rocks were lobbed through her car windscreen and her living room window.

The local woman, who has asked not to be named, does not believe the orchestrated attacks are sectarian - though she admits that the intimidation has had the desired effect.

“I want out of this house - and out of Antrim," she said.

“I live alone with my daughter and she is refusing to stay here. She is starting her GCSEs this year, but she's afraid to come home. That can't go on.

“I'm also suffering from chronic illness, so this is taking its toll. It's also not fair on my mother. She's 80 and doing everything she can to help, but it's very stressful for her too.

“We just want to live in peace, but because someone wants us out they're making our lives hell. You read about these things happening to other people, but you never imagine it would happen to you."

Mayor Paul Michael met with the local woman last Monday and helped fight her corner at the Housing Executive.

They have agreed to offer her emergency status and move her on - but the UUP man said it was a hollow victory.

“This has been ongoing for several months and sadly it has escalated to a point where she has decided enough is enough. And with a child in the house, who can blame her?" he said.

“It goes without saying that I condemn this outright. Just who are these hard men who conspire to drive a woman out of her home?"
(Source: Antrim Guardian)


Two women were injured during a burglary at a house in Newry on Friday evening.

Shortly before 5.30pm a number of people forced their way into the property in Altnaveigh Park.

One woman suffered cuts to her neck, a wound to her stomach and bruising on her head. The other suffered bumps to her head as well as cuts and bruises.  A third person was also attacked.
Two women, aged 23 and 28 and two men, 20 and 23, were arrested.


An arsonist accidentally set himself on fire as he attempted to burn several cars at a local garage when he dramatically got caught in a sudden backdraft. 

The fire occurred at Brian Reynolds Car Sales at Green Acres, Carlow on Sunday 19 September at 2.40am. 

The arsonist was dousing an accelerant on several cars parked at the car sales then maliciously set them alight. CCTV footage shows the man was then suddenly struck by a backdraft of flames, receiving significant burns to his face, hands and hair. 

Several cars were damaged in the arson attack, causing thousands of euros of damage.

Sgt John Foley confirmed that the culprit has not been identified and managed to leave the scene, despite his injuries. He added that the gardaí are not aware of any motive for the attack.
(Source: The Carlow Nationalist)


The communities of Clones and Cavan were in shock last week after the body of a missing Clones man was found at the foot of the Cliffs of Moher. Clones native Lorcan Kelly had been reported missing from his Cavan house last week and his car was later located in County Clare.

He was reported missing last Wednesday by his girlfriend when she returned to their home in Drummany Fort in Butlersbridge to discover a letter left on the table. He was last seen driving out of the small estate that afternoon.
(Source: The Anglo Celt)


A genealogy visitor centre and a themed adventure park are among the possibilities for development at a 120-acre site next to Bunratty Castle.

Shannon Development own the site and are seeking proposals for a major new visitor attraction. 
Last week, the regional development company announced it is seeking proposals for the site.
Shannon Development CEO Dr Vincent Cunnane said, “Shannon Heritage, our tourism subsidiary company, owns and manages Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, which is already a major international visitor attraction. 

“It attracts 400,000 visitors annually and contributes an estimated €20 million in spin-off revenue for the area annually. We want to see a new generation of project ideas, which will continue to enhance Bunratty and the Shannon Region’s reputation as an international visitor destination.

The Bunratty land bank project forms part of our overall tourism product development strategy, which will this year see, among other projects, work start on a €5.7m re-development of King John’s Castle in Limerick.”