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Some of the houses have kitchens and fireplaces fitted.

Another house in Letterkenny has also been put on the market for €120,000 and the house next door has been thrown in for free.

Mr McGlynn says the houses are a perfect opportunity for young people to get on the housing ladder.
He also says the offer is an attempt to fill up vacant houses on the estates.

“There is nothing worse than seeing a few vacant houses on an estate when the rest of the area is looking well and people are living happily together.

“It brings the tone of the area down and [to avoid] that is part of the idea for doing this offer.

“Even if two young families come together, this could be the perfect opportunity for two young families.

“People are finding it difficult to get money but people don’t need a huge amount of a deposit to get a house – or even two,” he said.
 (Source: Irish Times)


A High Court judge has ruled that a County Down woman has the right to half the equity in a house despite not being the registered owner.

The case concerned the sub-prime lender Swift Advances which is repossessing the house in Warrenpoint.

Swift claimed that the woman had no legal stake in the house.

However, a judge ruled that she, in fact, owned half the house and had not been told by her partner that he had re-mortgaged it with Swift.

Swift had hoped to repossess the home without considering her interests.

The judge has ordered that the house be sold and the original mortgage paid off. The remaining proceeds will have to be split between Swift and the woman.

The Swift borrower was a man who had an address at Carrogs Road in Warrenpoint.

The court heard how in 2006 the company gave him a £36,000 second mortgage on the property which was already in arrears on the original mortgage. The interest rate was 12%.

Within a year Swift had secured a repossession order.

However, in September 2009, as the repossession became imminent, his partner applied to the court to have it blocked.

She said he had only just told her that the house was on the verge of being repossessed.
(Source: BBC News)


Irish police were forced to use a Taser gun to subdue a man who was armed with a knife when he threatened and lunged at officers.

The drama started to unfold in the Carrickmines Manor estate in Sandyford at around 8am last Friday morning when gardai arrived at a house to execute a bench warrant for the man’s arrest.

After gardai broke into the property, the Algerian man armed himself with a knife and lunged at a female officer.

The suspect, who was behaving erratically, then threatened officers and a two hour stand-off ensued with dozens of officers being called.

Eventually the man was arrested after being targeted with a Taser gun.
(Source: The Evening Hearld)


A teenager jailed for the murder of a traveler hacked to death in front of his wife is to face a retrial, the Court of Appeal has ordered.

Senior judges allowed 18-year-old Martin Stokes' appeal against being convicted of killing John Mongan.

This was due to conflicting witness descriptions and a sense of unease about the safety of the verdict.
Appeals by Christopher Stokes and Edward Stokes, who were also both found guilty of the murder, were dismissed.

Mr Mongan, 30, was attacked with hatchets and other bladed weapons after intruders broke into his home at Fallswater Street, west Belfast in February 2008.

The father-of-three was killed in front of his heavily pregnant wife Julia, suffering up to 50 wounds, some possibly inflicted by a sword or machete.

The killers had smashed through a barricaded bedroom door to get at their target.

The accused, all from Londonderry, were jailed by a judge who told them they had taken the law into their own hands in setting out to "slay" the victim.

All three were found guilty of murdering Mr Mongan and sentenced to a combined total of at least 58 years in prison.

Edward Stokes, 39, was told he would serve at least 22 years of a life sentence, while Christopher Stokes, 35, was given a minimum 20-year tariff.

Martin Stokes, who was just 15 at the time of the murder, was handed a minimum 16-year term.

Mr Mongan's wife, who was due to give birth the day after the killing, described how she had pleaded with the intruders not to attack him.
(Source: BBC News)


The funeral has taken place of Polish diver Artur Kozlowski in Kiltartan, Co Galway.

The body of the 34-year-old was recovered from a cave in the area last weekend.

Tributes were paid to the extensive work he had done mapping out the underground cave system in south Galway.

The church of St Attracta's in the rural area of south Co Galway was packed to capacity with members of the Polish and Irish communities.

His mother, Yola, and sisters Agatha and Margaret were joined by relatives and friends for the ceremony, which was conducted in Polish and English.