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Crime rates in Cork city have dropped this year due to the fall-off in income since the boom years, according to Chief Superintendent Mick Finn.

Public order offences dropped from 751 to 570 in the space of one year, and Chief Supt Finn attributed this to the recession.

“The city centre is not as dangerous now as it was during the Celtic Tiger. People do not have as much money and are not getting as intoxicated or as often.” Offences relating to sale and supply of drugs were down by five per cent, he said, with middle-income users no longer able to afford 'recreational' narcotics.

Chief Supt Finn was speaking at the Cork City Council Joint Policing Committee meeting last Monday, when he revealed that drugs and weapon offences in the city are down eight per cent, with criminal damage down nine per cent.

His report, which tracked the 2011 second quarter figures and compared them the same period in 2010, from June to August, also outlined that crimes against the person were down five per cent. Property crimes had fallen by five per cent over the period.
Source: (Cork Independent)


Two Londonderry men have been charged with threatening and abusing an airline crew on a flight to Derry City Airport.

John Patrick Johnston, 32, from Carnhill, and Paul Daniel McIntyre, 31, from Ederowen Park, faced three charges at Londonderry Magistrates' Court last Wednesday.

They are alleged to have been drunk and abused cabin crew on a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Derry on 16 August.

Both men were released on their own bail to reappear in November.

A condition of the men's release is that they cannot fly on any commercial airline.

But Mr Johnston's solicitor said his client intended to appeal the restriction because he hopes to visit friends in London.

However, Paddy MacDermott stressed his client was not intending to fly with Ryanair.
(Source: BBC News)


cconnection with the murder of Denis Donaldson in Co Donegal five years ago, is still being questioned at Monaghan Garda Station.

Gardaí are continuing to question a man in his 40s in connection with the murder of Denis Donaldson in Co Donegal five years ago.

Mr Donaldson, a former Sinn Féin official who had admitted being a British agent for more than 20 years, was shot dead just outside the town of Glenties in 2006.

The man is being detained at Monaghan Garda Station.

It is the third arrest in relation to the ongoing investigation.
(Source: RTE News)


A distraught Dublin mum whose daughter was abducted by her Syrian dad has revealed she fears for her own safety.

Louise Monaghan (36), who comes from Swords, in north Co Dublin, has been forced to lock herself inside her home in southern Cyprus because she believes that she is being stalked by her ex-husband's friends.

Louise's six-year-old daughter, May Assad Monaghan, disappeared after going on a walk with her father Mostafa Assad last Wednesday.

Mostafa has since contacted his ex-wife and threatened her that she would never see their child again unless she sold her belongings in Cyprus and moved to Syria to live the life of a Muslim woman and be by his side.

Louise, who got divorced from Mostafa last November, now fears for her safety in Cyprus as she believes she is being watched by his friends.

Her sister, Mandy (34), flew out to support her last week.

She said that Louise was terrified for her child and wanted to go see her as soon as possible despite her family's concerns that they would never see her again if she flew to war-torn Syria.

"We're just absolutely devastated," Mandy said. "Louise just wants her baby back.

"But now we can't go anywhere. There are people watching the house and following us wherever we go.

"We will have to leave here.

"Louise has only lived here for eight years but Mostafa has been here for over 20 (years).
"He knows everybody.

"She's spoken to Mostafa on the phone.

"He seems to know everything she's done and everywhere she's gone.

"If we speak to the police he seems to know about it, anywhere we go he seems to know.
"We just want May back so we can go back to Ireland.

"Mostafa has said if she wants to see her again she has to come to Syria and live the life of a Muslim woman.

"She just wants to go because she will see her baby again," she added.
(Source: The Evening Herald)


San Francisco police have arrested a man over an assault which left Fermanagh GAA player Mark McGovern in a coma.

Mr McGovern from Belcoo, was playing for Ulster San Francisco when he was injured during the game with San Francisco Celts on 25 June.

Celts player Patrick Power, 26, was arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail last Thursday morning.

Mr Power, of Half Moon Bay, has been charged with felony assault.

Last month he was given a 96-week suspension by the San Francisco GAA Competition Control Committee.