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Ms Crowe felt so strongly about it she penned a letter to the editor of The Anglo-Celt (see page 41).

She pointed out that the blessing of the graves took place recently in Cullies and the graveyard was looking splendid. "A lot of money was spent by the parish on doing it up and putting in new tarmac pathways," the letter stated.

What horrified and upset her was the amount of rubbish dumped, which included two sofa chairs, old furniture, wall tiles, and a duvet to name just a few of the items she observed. "Whoever did this has obviously no respect for the poor people buried there or their grieving families," she added.
(Source: The Anglo Celt)


Dublin City Council has passed a motion supporting calls to terminate the use of Shannon Airport by US troops.

The move has been welcomed by peace group Shannonwatch.

“This motion reflects the fact that there is widespread public and political opposition to the use of Shannon to facilitate US wars. There are still over 90 troop and other military flights landing at the airport every month and this is without the permission of the Irish people. A decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in untold human suffering, political instability and widespread profiteering and corruption. It is high time Irish involvement in this was ended,” a spokesman said

Roger Cole of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance said the resolution passed by Dublin City Council reflects the continuing opposition of the people to the destruction of Irish neutrality and this state’s support for war. “What the Irish people want is jobs at home and the end to war. We are convinced that this is a view widely shared by people throughout the rest of Europe and the USA.
(Source: The Clare Champion)


Cork city has been listed by Yahoo China as one of the top ten tourist cities to visit globally in 2010.
Cork has achieved ranking in the Yahoo China top 10 listing following Istanbul and Kyoto and ahead of Vancouver and Singapore.   The China accolade comes on foot of the Lonely Planet tourist guide listing earlier this year which awarded Cork the number 3 position in their league of World Cities to visit in 2010.

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Dara Murphy welcomed the news, “this positioning of Cork in the Chinese market is very significant and particularly useful in light of the work undertaken to secure a Cork programme of activities in the Irish Pavilion at World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai”.
Source: (Cork


All League and Championship matches in Derry were called off this past weekend as a mark of respect following the death of referee Martin Mulholland.

Mulholland was refereeing a hurling quarter-final between Kevin Lynch's, Dungiven and St. Colm's, Ballinascreen when he collapsed and had to receive medical treatment.

The paramedics brought him to the dressing rooms where a defibrillator was used in attempts to revive him. He was then brought to Coleraine Hospital where he later died.

Mulholland, who leaves a wife and four sons, was a highly-regarded referee and rated as one of the fittest in the county. A former player, he hailed from Slaughtneil and was in his 50s.

A statement from the Derry County Board expressed the county's widespread 'shock and sadness' at the sudden and untimely passing of Martin.

"Martin was a highly respected and popular official and his death has stunned the GAA community across our county and beyond," it read.

"First and foremost our thoughts and prayers are with Martin's family and friends at this terrible time. Our condolences are also extended to Robert Emmets GAC Slaughtneil on the loss of an exemplary Gael."

Hurling Secretary Damien McEldowney from the Robert Emmets club spoke to BBC Northern Ireland about the incident in Swatragh.

"Five minutes in to the second half he got accidentally struck on the leg with the ball. A minute after that he blew the whistle and went down," he explained.

"At the start nobody in the ground knew what was wrong. When we saw everyone rushing, that's when everyone realised it was something serious.

"They (paramedics) thought they had brought him around, but he took a turn in the ambulance."
(Source: Breaking News)


Around 100 bottlenose dolphins have taken up residence in waters off the coast of Co Donegal over the past few days, delighting boaters and wildlife enthusiasts.

The group of dolphins -- known collectively as a pod -- have been seen in the inner Donegal Bay, between Rossnowlagh Beach and Doorin Head, above.

Although common dolphins in Ireland are just that -- with thousands of sightings every year -- the bottlenose species usually tends to swim in smaller pods of about 30.

Patrick Lane of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group said the bottlenose -- which featured in the hit TV series 'Flipper' -- often swims closer to shore than its counterparts, giving anglers and anyone on shore with a pair of binoculars a good view.