News from around the Irish counties


(Source: Waterford News & Star)


As primary schools across the county break up for the summer holidays, Midlands Regional Director for Order of Malta Ireland, John Walsh, has called for families to make sure that all young people are made first aid aware, which he said could help to save lives. The call was made at the launch of the annual ‘Be First Aid Prepared – Accidents Happen’ campaign, which is run by leading first aid antiseptic, TCP in conjunction with Order of Malta Ireland. The campaign aims to encourage families to be prepared for accidents that may occur in and around the home and garden during the summer – statistically the time of year when most accidents will happen.

(Source: The Westmeath Independent)


A second shotgun blast in the space of just a few days has sparked terror in a normally peaceful Wexford housing estate. Frightened residents say they have become too afraid to even let their children out to play, while local councilors has slammed the sinister development as 'potentially lethal wild west behavior'. Mount Prospect in Clonard, home to many young families, experienced its second shotgun incident around 11 p.m. last Wednesday night, less than a week after the front door of a house there was peppered with shot from a similar weapon.

(Source: The Wexford People)


Wicklow Swimming Club's Around the Harbor race taking place on Tuesday evening last had an unwelcome visitor when proceedings were halted by a shark. Fortunately for the swimmers, the shark was a Basking Shark and not the blood thirsty variety associated with movies like 'Jaws.' The Basking Shark is the second largest living shark, after the Whale Shark. The race had to be delayed for 20 minutes until the shark swam off into the distance.

(Source: The Wicklow People)