News from around the 32 Irish counties


There was a buzz of excitement around Boyle the week before last after it emerged that an animated film produced by local man Paul Young had received a nomination for an Oscar. The Boyle filmmaker and his Kilkenny-based animation company, Cartoon Saloon, were catapulted into the national and international limelight as ‘The Secret of Kells’ was announced as one of five nominations in the Best Animated Feature category.  Paul is the son of Sean and Ann Young. He grew up in the Warren area of Boyle.
(Source: The Roscommon Champion)
A €65,000 surgical skills training laboratory will be added to the facilities at Waterford Regional Hospital this year, while upgrading of the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Centre (CPR) / Advanced Cardiac Life Support (APLS) training facilities are also in the pipeline. Speaking about the lab, which will be used to train undergraduate and postgraduate students, and also the upgrading of current facilities, General Manager of WRH, Patricia Sullivan, said the developments are “testament to WRH staff and management’s commitment to ensuring excellence in health care delivery and staff training in the South East to assure the provision of the highest standards of healthcare services to benefit local communities.”
(Source: Waterford News & Star)

There are growing concerns that the long-planned Athlone Primary Care unit is set for further delays. Although, the project is ready to go to tender, confusion remains as to whether funding will be provided this year or next, for the project to start. Athlone Town Council has now requested a meeting with the local HSE manager to get an update on what stage the primary care unit is at, and whether any work will start this year. However, sources close to the project have indicated that work will not start until at least 2011. Although the primary care project is not specifically included in the HSE's service plan for 20101 published recently, a spokesperson for the organization said the project, if it's to proceed, would need to be included in the as-yet unpublished HSE's National Capital Development Plan 2010,
(Source: The Westmeath Independent)

Whale Watchers have continued to gather in huge numbers around the headlands of Hook Head last week hoping to spot 'Hooky' the humpback and the fin whales. 'Hooky' has remained in the same area during the past two weeks, between one to two miles off the coast between Carnivan Bay and Baginbun Head. He has been delighting onlookers as he breached clear of the water several times in spectacular style. 'Hooky' stunned whale watchers on board the charter vessel Rebecca C as thousands of fish jumped out of water trying to escape the humpback, before he surfaced just at the edge of the huge herring ball.
(Source: The Wexford People)


Firefighters battled a blaze in Russborough House for three hours on Sunday night last as flames threatened to the engulf one of the country's most famous stately homes. While the west wing of the house was badly damaged, Lady Beit's jewelry and other expensive valuables had been removed because of film and renovation work that was taking place there. Cllr. Jim Ruttle rushed to the scene when he first heard of the outbreak and was 'shocked' to see flames licking out of the west wing's roof and smoke billowing into the night sky.
(Source: The Wicklow People)