News from around the 32 counties, week of July 27



More than 130 people failed to attend appointments at Antrim Health Centre last month, the Antrim Guardian has learned.

These figures equate to more than four missed appointments every day throughout the month of June.

And this has an inevitable knock on effect on locals keen to see the doctor – and it seems it does not matter who you are.

Deputy Mayor Brian Graham phoned the clinic at the end of June and was told that there were “no appointments in July.”

He said: "People want to see a doctor but they can't get an appointment. It's hard enough to get squeezed in without 134 people clogging up appointments that they never use.”

[Source: Antrim Guardian]


A man convicted for his part in the murder of a Garda (police officer) almost 30 years ago looks set for imminent release from Portlaoise Jail after winning the right to seek remission on his sentence.

Noel Callan (50) from Culloville, Castleblayney was convicted, along with Crossmaglen man Michael McHugh, of the capital murder of Sergeant Patrick Morrissey in June 1985.  The father-of-two was shot when he pursued the raiders following an armed robbery at an employment exchange in Ardee, County Louth.

Following their trial both men were sentenced to be hanged; however, this was later commuted to 40 years penal servitude.  They were the last two men to be sentenced to death in Ireland.

[Source: Examiner Newspaper]


Sixteen companies from Carlow are confident of receiving around $330,000 of orders during this year’s National Ploughing Championships, taking place from September 24-26 in Ratheniska, County Laois.

The companies, all supported by Carlow County Enterprise Board, will exhibit a range of goods and services across sectors including health, lifestyle, home and garden, tourism and fashion.

The Original Eye Spoon Company is exhibiting a revolutionary effective method of applying heat to areas of the eyelids to relieve irritation, redness, dryness and tired eyes using beech wood spoons.

[Source: Business & Leadership]


Over 30 jobs could be coming to the county next year after the government announced a regional water office will be located here for the roll-out of Irish Water.

The country will be divided into eight regional groups with Bord Gais taking over water services.

Cavan is to be in the North East metering region and Fine Gael’s Joe O’Reilly told Northern Sound radio the announcement is a positive one for the county.

[Source: The Anglo Celt]


In a scene more reminiscent of the streets of Thailand than Sixmilebridge, the ancient Buddhist tradition of “alms round” was carried out last week for the first time ever in the Clare village.

On Tuesday, July 23, Buddhist monk, Ven Ahimsako, who has been staying at the Sunyata Buddhist Centre, went to the village center in his robes to make himself available for offerings of food from locals.

Under the traditions of Theravada Buddhism monks and nuns cannot handle money and they cannot grow, buy or cook food. They can only eat or drink what is offered to them freely.

He explained, “This is part of the Buddhist monastic tradition, we live on the offerings of the lay community. We are not allowed to beg but we can receive things. Everything I have comes from offerings, my clothing, my glasses, everything. But we are not allowed to ask. This is an ancient tradition that even goes back to before the time of the Buddha, you just stand peacefully with your bowl and if people want to give, they can. I live only on what is freely offered, and if I don’t get food I don’t eat.”

[Source: Clare Champion]


"Go back to your own country." Russian woman Olga Fitzgerald was told this as she and her 14-year-old daughter tried to get off a bus in Cork City Centre on Tuesday, July 23.

Olga, who has been living in Cork for the past decade with her husband James, was getting off the bus with her daughter when she tried to get past a man standing at the front of the bus chatting to the bus driver.

"In this country, we say excuse me," the man told Olga as she left the bus. The man then proceeded to repeatedly shout at Olga and her daughter, "Go back to your own country".

[Source: Cork Independent]


A funeral took place in Creggan last Thursday morning of the Derry woman who drowned off the Donegal coast on Monday.

It is believed Lorraine Plummer, known to friends as Chris, had been taking photographs on a small island off Dunaff Bay when she became cut off from the mainland as the tide came in and covered a shale causeway.

Her body was found close to the shoreline in the Rockstown Harbour area on the Inishowen Peninsula at around 5:30 p.m. on Monday evening.

[Source: Derry Journal]


Laura Barry, the granddaughter of District Court Judge Jack Barry and daughter of solicitor Diarmuid Barry, has been welcomed as a new solicitor at Donegal District Court.